Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (45 Photos)

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  • Sam

    #15 I would love to have a nice chat with you and tht smile

    • D_Sanchez

      A chat? Screw that and just unleash those bad boys

    • PnB

      She makes my mouth water.

    • Don Von Bon Bosco

      White strips wouldn't hurt….just saying though.

    • pleeeeease


      • oh please


    • cue thumbs down

      sorry I'm just not that in to silicone, I'd rather have a squishy natural A vs an overinflated balloon D – just sayin… she is super cute though, would still bang

      • MoarMirrors

        Pretty sure those are real broski!!

    • Carl

      So effing hot

    • Poopy

      she's peeeeeeeeeeeeeeerdy

    • whatwhatinthebutt

      TITS OR GTFO!!!!!!

  • ChivetteKellie

    #30 KCCO little one! Be strong!

    • JoeT

      One day she can grow up to put her nipples on the internet for Burnsday. Hopefully chemo makes them really strong

      • steven

        Maybe you are attempting to be light in the face of a difficult event for this little girl, maybe you have your own little girl and you realize how difficult this must be for the parents but, this is very insensitive and you sir should feel ashamed.

      • Pissoff

        Do you work at being an ass or does it just come natural for you??

    • Guest

      I'd trade 10 years of my debaucery-filled life for this little one to get one more. Knowing chivers, if it were feasible I have no doubt she'll live to be 200 before the hour was out

    • smallchinaman

      Adorable kid, hope she has a long prosperous life.

    • Poopy

      Fuck yeah you are!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WalterSobchak_

      All my hopes

    • baddbuzz

      Suck it cancer ! !

    • Captain Obvious

      That kido is awesome.. KCCO!!

    • MattKL

      The hell with leukemia!

  • Judochop

    #3 SOON!

    • waterdog

      $2 pickles? WTF?

      • hans

        "pickles" as long as she searves them!

    • hara

      Hey look! The only flat-chested girl at Renn-Fest! Glad you got a pic! *sigh*

  • Texas

    #2 Dammit now we've got a new version of planking.

    • OhioChiver

      Last second elevator training.

    • Tony


      • awww shit


    • DaddyD

      Vertical planking?

  • EdW


  • The virus

    First beat Nama

  • foul83

    My dick rips 'cause I'm too quick when I beat it. And chip dip gives me the shits, but I still eat it.

    • Amber


  • Steve

    #32 Thanks, you too!

    • White Devil


    • daylay

      hhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggomigod those eyes

  • Paul

    #22 I'll fix your flat for a beer

    • Dale

      I'll hit the one on the right for free

  • crustybubblechunks

    I need a beer stat

    • Thejollycanuck

      In 2010 Canadians purchased 2.35 million litres of beer

    • Bojo

      The beer industry is a $223 billion dollar industry.

      • Kiki

        My goal is to make it a $224 billion dollar one!! Giddy-up

      • Kdub79

        I don't think people got your joke…I did. Touché, pretty funny!

  • Undershooter30

    #30 keep calm and fuck cancer little dude.

    • KCFC


    • Kyle429

      I think that's a girl, but the sentiment is still there. KCFC little one. Stories like this always warm my heart.

  • No_Filter_HOOK

    #41 Ahhh it's a great life…..

    • aaa

      Mac doesn't know what to do with his hands…

      • TheVanityScore

        they work above American Apparel? damn The Chive office really does have it all

        • No_Filter_HOOK

          And to those who subscribe to KCCO, this indeed is our MECCA…..

  • Tehbox

    #30 Bless you angel

    • Tiber_Septim

      that's ok to give kitty a hard time you earned it, fuck cancer

      • Mike

        At the end of the day, we all know that cat doesn't pay bills. KCFC. May the force be with you.

  • yuppers


    • Tillman61

      You're right. Other than knockout girls, funny pictures and a sweet little girl beating Leukemia, what the fuck else is there to look at to arouse, amuse and get dust in your eye? Thanks for stopping by, Chuckles.

  • Judochop

    #28 wow

    • Big_James

      I am with you 'WOW' just doesn't cover it super hot I am in total LUST.

  • Boing

    #15 gave me an uncomfortable public boner in gym shorts.. Love it!

    • Boing

      Did I mention I'm at a boys youth basketball game, and that these dirty looks from moms are making me uncomfortable!

      • Huell

        Scrolling the DAR in public with a boner like a BOSS.

        Tell those moms, "Don't act like you're not impressed."

        • Boing

          Right on brotha! Gonna bang me a milf once these cops understand the situation and take these handcuffs off!

          • Bojo

            You're pretty good at typing behind your back.

      • Boing

        Oh well


        • awww shit

          *rolls up newspaper and throt punches you for saying yolo

          • awww shit


        • Boing

          Mo money, mo problemz!

  • Huell

    #44 #45 The DAR came early today and so did I.

    • JoeT

      Dinner plate amazon nipples that point at her big toes

    • bigvonski

      If only boobies were the size of watermelons….hang on…there are 4 of them!!! :)

    • Bob Duato

      Ain't no ring on that finger

    • Marco

      BRAVO! BRAVO! [sound of crowd roaring]…

    • CaptainInsane-o

      Could even you even imagine those….. bahh forget it, keepin' it clean folks

    • ass lover

      DAMN!!!! those things are huge

    • money shot!

      EPIC rack

      • hans


  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #43 #44 #45 Happy Friday done right

    • JoeT

      Tits on a fat chick. Tits on a fat chick. Instant meme. Gross

      • White Devil

        Hey JoeT we get it…you like boys.

    • Call me

      I am in lust with her! I dream of licking those huge tits before working my tongue down her body to her hot pussy. I want to taste her as she comes. I want to fuck her soft body for hours while holding onto her beautiful tits. I want to stare into those eyes as she strokes load after load of my hot cum all over her face and chest…

      • bigvonski

        Call you what??? A douchebag???

      • hans

        if this is not how you are thinking…you may have a testosterone imballance.

        call me speaks the TRUTH!


      • Dick

        Quite the renaissance man..

      • Turned on

        Best one yet! You're an innovator and an inspiration, brotha!

    • Friday ftw

      Counting these 6 behemoths, I saw at least 15 boobs that were bigger than my head on the chive this week.

      Twas a good week indeed!

      • CLee

        Which means 1/8 of those girls has a seriously misshapen rack.

    • thedude

      Those are amazing. I'm mean them things are good.

  • http://twitter.com/Manningn @Manningn

    #44 Boobs are neat.

  • baddbuzz

    #29 . . Cheers and have a good weekend all

    • Pedro

      Arbor snowboard?

  • MattKL

    #10 I need this!

    • svp

      who doesn't need it??

  • jmonster

    Despite the epic rack on #45, the clear winner of this post are the tits and freckles on #15

  • Beep Beep

    #22 I hope there is a bus speeding towards them…

    • Boomer Sooner

      The Bang Bus?

  • Leigh

    #29 I found a new background! (to add to my collection of HMOTB)

    #30 so cute KCCO little one!

    • Plz

      Show us your tits hunny!

  • StarboardEngine

    Early FriDAR means it's going to be a great, HQ weekend!!

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