Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (45 Photos)

  • sfb101

    #43, #44, #45 With a side of #4 Please
    KCCO through the storm east coasters!

  • InTheFlesh

    #28 I lost a year of my life with just a glance

  • GrantyAC

    #6 wow! Gorgeous!

    • jmonster

      totally. those eyes are amazing!

    • AdamA

      Mmmmmm I would treat her so good

  • LeadFarmer

    #43 Y u no follow her on twitter yet?

    Never a dull moment, best twitter account there is! (and no this isnt Gingerfox)

    • JoeT

      Because she needs to lay off the buffets

  • Steve

    anyone notice the KCCO in the crazy LAPD guys manifesto?

  • Hank_3_fan

    #44… Quite possibly the best pic ever!!!!!!

    • Marco


  • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

    #17 Faaaake!!

    • sheoncebelieved

      It'd be less annoying if that stupid foot wasn't on the ground in the middle of nowhere

  • jamie

    #15 #38 #44 #45 I like Squishy !!

  • Shkolly

    #11 – Best Photo Ever

  • tv_paul

    #11 Go Joe!

    • ben

      why does it look like the one on our left is is trying to climb up quite happy the one on the right looks like he's trying to hump her breast?

  • squid

    #25 #26 #27 all a man needs to be happy

    • Kyle429

      I would go with #43 and #4. 😀

      • baddbuzz


      • Pedro

        I agree but would add #26

  • TheGilp

    KNAV and Camp Simba by chance?

    • Cav

      Article 15, your outta uniform shitbag!

      • PA2AK

        Training….haha I see what you did there.

    • Kio

      This was taking in Nairobi Kenya

  • Reservoir_Dog

    #3 I'd give her my pickle for free!

  • G1880

    There are so many great photos of girls that I could comment on and enjoy…but the only thing that matters at all is that #30 gets better.

  • tv_paul

    #8 It's always nice to see young people giving older people a hand.

  • CplCupcake

    #11 Amy Schumer, stand-Up comedian, if anyone was curious.

    • TheDudesky

      Thank you, I was curious of the name of who was getting added to the spank bank.

    • Jeff McQuigg

      I was thinking it was Brandi from Storage Wars. Not bad.

    • The snicklefritz

      Hercomedy is ok i guess just think she relies too much on "I'm hot as hell compared to other female comics so I'm going to do jokes about being hot and people wanting to fuck me". That being said, Id stick it in her.

  • Jay

    #43 #44 #45. Fuuuccckkkk.

  • Rick

    #6 #11 #43 Mmmmmmmm!!

  • baddbuzz

    #41 Happy friday! to "TheChive" You guys Rock . .

  • orangewhip

    #15 has always been my favorite number.

  • Takingbackcider

    #4 I'm blaming the The D.A.R on Fridays' for my drinking on a Friday problem!

    • Deetch

      going there after work gonna were my shirt KCCO to a fellow Vancouverite

  • Kyle429

    #43 #44 #45 Andrea killed it, once again. :3

  • kris

    What the hell chive! fuck these scrolling adds on mobile. running your fucking site. how can i Dar with fucking cock sucking Candy Crush Adds climbing all over the middle of the fucking page. seriously. yall need to be vhecking your site like the rest of us so you can see how fucking usless your pages become when adds are across the middle of our screen and every fucking pic.

  • Chiver

    #34 Good lord…..thanks for that one!

    • dirtysanchez

      I recognize dat ass from other DARs . Nice to finally put a face to it.

  • Moe

    #30 KCCO Little Lady!

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