Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • wee


    • nbn

      Did anybody else read that awesome and decently-written Manifesto by the rogue cop, Dorner? Almost everything he says seems to on-point, funny, provocative, and thoughtful and he gives a KCCO shout-out!

  • Tko

    Thirsty Thursday

    • Taadaa

      Fuck you at?

  • fibonacci5150

    #26 good morning lovers! ❤

    • Jack

      But there's still no sex in the champaign room

  • Trav1121

    #20 Haha Lolcat's transformation into omnomnomcat. Witnessing history here, people!

    • SmittyCent

      It all started with cat breading

  • elder

    #8 FIND HER!

  • Anjin-San

    uh-oh…. You're gonna have a baaaaad time…

    • Everclear

      Oh fuuuuuuuuuu…

      • B. Maher

        Ah, everything happens for a reason?

    • dirtysteve99

      Bad choice of location.

      • DrGarnicus

        I was thinking the same thing

    • Bowzer's Wowzers

      Anybody have a link to the background on this?

    • TommyKnockers

      Best man better get to work and find that ring.

  • Trav1121

    #16 'You first, eh.' Canada is so awesome and polite!

    • Moknowsbest

      awesome pic…i have this posted on my wall at work

    • vfd

      lol, canada

  • MattKL

    #8 Now that's a damn fine sight to wake up to in the morning.

    • tralfaz

      …way better than folgers in your cup.

  • Gamer


    • justme

      What does it meen? 🙂

    • harri720

      That cloud says KCCO!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #32 He's in the right place for the best care possible! KCCO and have a speedy recovery Gabe we are behind you

    • Art

      Lots of love and prayers headed your way for that beautiful kid! #KCCO

    • blah808

      My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family gabriel. Just keep fighting and you'll be up and running in no time. I have faith in you little buddy…….Be strong dad. KCCO

    • Dork

      Get better soon little buddy!

    • sean

      good luck little dude, hang in there

    • Shira

      Hang in there little man! We're rooting for you!

    • ILoveYoMamaJokes

      You can do it! So can you dad! Stay Strong and KCCO!

    • Tara

      good luck little guy ill pray for you

    • JimmyP06

      Keep calm lil buddy, praying for a speedy recovery!

    • Question

      What is RSV? Good luck little dude!!

    • Ben

      Thoughts and prayers are with you guys

    • some-dude

      Man, what happened? Did a nurse hook up with a sick patient and then come to your kid the last time you took him to a dr? MRSA is usually contracted inside of hospitals.

      Hope he gets better soon.

    • Liverpool

      Been there myself, Dad. Get well soon little guy!

    • Charles III

      Peace, Blessings and Love Gabriel. Get well soon.

    • Lyrex

      LOTS of prayers for all of you. Chive On!

    • Tom

      Prayers sent. Hoping for the best. 🙂

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      best of luck, gabriel and family. i said a prayer for ya. he's listening…


    • Big_James

      Sending lots of energy your way. I have kids and we have had our own share of scares. My heart goes out to you and your family please keep us posted.

    • Tbone

      God bless you and your family Gabriel! KCCO!

      • Guest

        Stay strong, guys. You've got the love of the Chive Nation behind you.

    • Red

      My thoughts are with you. Jeez, MRSA? Stay strong little guy and get well soon!

    • shawn

      Fight on lil buddy!

  • Pshhh

    #34 meanwhile on another planet

    • Child Please

      Hahaha Peru isn't that bad

    • http://twitter.com/jaybagley @jaybagley

      Chichilianne, France

    • Frank Rizzo


  • Jake

    #32 Hang in there little guy

  • AceGT

    #32 stay in the fight little man

  • Lint

    Moms still lookin pretty good too

    • BSmike

      Glad she didn't end up with Biff, she's aged much better than she would have.

      • guest

        Or Tom Cruise

        • Wantomas

          But is it Marty's or George's?

    • dirty sanchez

      I'd definitely be down for a little mother-daughter action

  • Seldi84

    #32 Kcco little Chiver we are all routing for you.
    #5 The reason for the baby's face is because they are not his parents.
    #27 Everything tastes so shiny

    • fld

      most of us are rooting for him tho

  • non, a

    Ok so this is obviously Nicolas Cage, but how Can we tell that with such simple and few lines?! #11 there are 7 billion people.

    • buttsnstuff

      How can you say it's obviously him if it's so simple?

  • IdkY

    Everytime i eat golden crisp my piss smells like it for 2 days

  • Brian Scalabine


    Dude is napping the shit out of that 165.

    • clint783

      I don't think he's sleeping…

      • Brain Scalabrine

        True, probably just loosening up for that one set of 6 reps and subsequent walk to the water fountain and back out the door to his car.

    • aussie aussie aussie

      thankyou captain obvious

    • http://itsactually115.com 115@InFacttIs115.com


      • tralfaz

        …on a smith machine.

    • Bob Barker

      Everybody has to start somewhere. At least he's doing something.

      • Reality

        He should start by stepping on a treadmill.

    • Andy


  • Taadaa

    ╠╬╬╬╣OK! WHO ATE MY

    • natedogg

      you did, patrick

  • awhite2020

    I don't get #35? He is just edging the ice, what is funny/weird/interesting about that?

    • Moknowsbest

      it looks like a lawn mower

      • awhite2020

        Yea, edgers look like lawn mowers, but they aren't. The edger makes sure that the ice around the dasher boards is smooth and level. Because the zamboni conditioning blade doesn't reach all the way to the dashers and ice and snow tends to build up there.

        • awww shit


    • Bryan White

      Haha! Silly Americans. This is not a lawn mower.

      • Bake

        Two Whites don't make a monophthong.

    • Lower

      This was my local ice rink growing up. Macquarie Centre in Sydney Australia. Crazy seeing it on thechive.

  • Shockteck

    #32 Keep it fightin little guy, we're all pulling for you.

  • NorwayChiver


    NSFW (however, I am at work and seriously contemplating having some private time in a cubicle)

    • NorwayChiver

      #8 should it be 🙂

    • UWFSAE

      "Norwegian SWM ISO unicycle riding jugglers for 'private time'. Fetishes include top hats and fire. No clowns, no fatties."

      Yet he's still less creepy than a furry …

    • Ufoundher!

      God bless you, sir.

  • Mads

    #15 Ha, my kids have a tendency to time their jumping to the same place. Maybe i am laying to much on the couch, but this happens weekly.

  • Moknowsbest

    #30 you can almost hear the "kerplunk"

  • Jacob

    I hope your little one gets better real soon hang in there

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