Do something innovative this weekend (20 Photos)

  • Crackajack

    #9 brilliant

    • Lemmy

      This is at least the 12th time this image has appeared on this site… Jesus get over it

      • guest


    • HeavyP

      Am I the only one who's noticed that the bottles fit better if you just stand them upright, like you're supposed to? There's no cork there, so there's no reason to lay them on their sides.

      • fire

        Unless the racks are limited in size….

      • Alumni72

        If the shelves are the wire kind like in this case, I'd rather not have to stand them upright, because they never stay upright unless the surface is flat. Believe me, I've had to deal with this for over 20 years with the refrigerator that just will not die!
        Bottom shelf? not enough space between it and the next shelf for the bottles to stay upright anyway.

        But yeah, I'm also tired of seeing this being passed off as a 'new and original' idea.

  • suck me dry

    suck me all the way off

    • sfb101

      Their back….

      • @jbvancamp

        What? You've got their back? Or They're back? Over there?

        • sfb101

          Sorry, "there back"

          • Whale

            Strike two…

          • DOOFY ONE

            give up… no hope.

            • Big Poppa

              Where did Paula go?

  • Sean

    Free Ireland!

    • Dan

      I'll take it!

    • Finbar O'ffended

      Rule Britannia, IRA are cowards!

    • Pauly

      Free Ireland horse burgers!

  • Brother Maynard

    Is drinking and scratching my ass innovative?

  • TFred

    #12, until it impailes you… 🙂

    • Lemmy


    • #387

      Technically you would impale yourself onto it!

    • Smitty


      Clever, yes. But it creeps me out.

  • F Liepkin

    Oh, so now it's available. Quite the lag upon setup.

  • sfb101

    #5 Need to prototype one of these.
    #10 OUCH!

  • TShlew

    Will definitely be trying #5 sometime soon.

    • Aaron

      Would not waist your time! I don't see how the screen can output that much light to project an image that large??? but would be cool

      • I'm That Guy

        First off I think you mean "don't WASTE your time." Second, I'm guessing you've never had 5th grade science classes..

  • DJG

    #15 I would be innovative and put the keyboard on the desk.

    • awww shit

      the point is they wanted to sit in the recliner without having the keyboard on their lap

      • DJG

        You have an amazing gift to see furniture in images that isn't photographed. On a side note, I hope you were intending to have a cute name for your comment, as that is how I read it. So I cannot be mad at you. You have a gift sir, a true gift. Go now, the Internet needs you.

  • Word

    #9 Only the 87th fucking time I've seen this on the Chive…

    • ImpressMe

      Took you longer to bitch about it than scroll past it…….so congrats to you …..

      • Lemmy

        You just did the exact same thing as you're criticizing him for…..douche…

    • phideauxe

      I've seen it all 87 times, and each time I am impressed with the ingenuity of it. Relax. Breathe.

  • fuzzbucker

    #2 would have been cool if they used a Wii. Could have called it Wii-nex

  • lukeluke

    is #5 using a magnifying glass?

  • cooktiludrop

    Had to start my old 89 Dodge Omni like #12 …..ah memories…..

    • Inspector Gadget

      started or steered? because I'm pretty sure that's where the steering wheel went, not the key…

  • catmoustache

    I forgot that 'innovative' was synonymous with 'trashy'

  • Macro

    #8 Is just dumb. Probably more work than just buying the proper plate.

  • Justlikemypoop

    What exactly is being done in #5 and how?

  • socalmarti

    #2 This is what I imagine my ex is up to this weekend!!! 😀

    • Marco

      Or maybe just looking down at this #10.

      • socalmarti

        What a duct taped girl? Yep,that sounds about right too! LOL!!

  • anditisLiz

    Directions or link for #5? I need this in my life…

    • Jesse
      • anditisLiz

        Thank you so much!!!

        • Guy

          Call me if you have any problems and ill come over and help set it up. I will bring hard liquor as well.

          • anditisLiz

            Lmao, thanks for your generosity… I'll keep you in mind…

            • Creepy

              No, no… I'll keep *you* in mind.

              • anditisLiz


    • JenPen

      ^^ Creepy McCreeperson ^^

    • don'tfearthecreeper

      The only problem is the image will be reversed, like looking at it through a mirror, so any time words show up in the video, it'll be backwards

      • Sean D. Klapperich

        Well, you can always alter the design a bit. Something like this:

        The angles might not be perfect in the image; but angling the device so that it reflects off of a mirror, before going through the magnifying glass – should result in the image being flipped the right way .when it hits the wall.

  • English_Rob

    #12 well I guess it will stop you speeding.

  • Marco

    #9 – I hate it that mine has glass for that specific reason…

  • @Aaron253

    19 Probably going to overheat

  • Max Power

    Or, just bend the tab…

  • Zane

    #14 lose the cage already

  • Daddyjax

    Hope he is not looking up porn!! That could be painful!

  • Matt

    I call bullshit on #5. Not enough light from the phone to be bright enough.

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