Hot Right Now: F**k Yeah Friday! (44 Photos)

If these houses were women, I would do unspeakable things to them…(50 Photos)

  • non, a

    So, Bob why are you always up so late, or so early, perhaps?

    • Rat Bastard

      somebody has to do it

  • namboobs


  • Tiber_Septim

    #33 #34 same house and If I had a few spare million I would own this

    • eernehmernmerhs

      duh and duh 😀

  • namboobs

    #37 Looks very cosy (and expensive)

  • non, a

    #24 wins.

    • acupofjoe

      Tony Starks' summer home.

  • AnItalianChiver

    #17 #19

  • Err

    Sigh… All those beautiful big open glass windows and doors without burglar bars. Oh what it would be like not staring into steel. Damn you crime, sincerely, South Africa.

  • k2d


  • Brian


    Me likey

  • Salt

    Even though these houses are not women, I would still do unspeakable things to them and call out their address while doing it.

  • Dave

    Who cares where is the DMA?!?

  • mike

    #35 nice work man!

  • FLChiver

    In many of these houses, they better be careful casting stones.

  • umyeah

    #17 visions of me surrounded by trashy strippers.

  • RobbyRob901

    #6 Now thats a man-worth shower!

  • @Avfc4life

    #28 good little potential grow there

  • coop

    These are exceptions to the saying "money doesn't buy happiness"

  • socalmarti

    #7 #9 #28

  • Justino
  • Mike

    wonder how much it would cost to make any of those bathrooms…

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  • Orukal

    #45 I like looking through these galleries about homes. Most of the time I find them real nice. This one, however, is freakin' inspiring. I know that's not the house, proper, but damn…

  • Caleb

    If these houses were women… I'd be straight

  • tino grad

    just awesome,

  • Roscoe

    gamer comment: #12 is probably the house the folks at infinity ward looked at when the made "raid" in cod black ops 2

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