Meanwhile, in the world I wish I lived in… (31 Photos)

  • Mayor McCheese

    Uh, I'm here for the gang bang?

    • hamburgler

      Me too! No, i'm not going to try and steal your cock or anything. We can call a truce for the evening

    • Fellow

      Uhhm, actually you are on the Internet.

    • Notknowing

      #31 the line forms to the left…behind me.

      • HOORAY


  • Feeder

    #18 #31 WOW,smoking hot!!

    • Mayor McCheese

      Yeah those sluts are just looking to get jiz dumped in them like the average bitches they are!

      • Feeder

        Agreed…Any would be willing to get in the "line of fire"..Spunk parties are so much fun.

    • Marco

      #18 – Wouldn't we all…….

    • MJKIVP

      Is it me or does it seem like #31 was spanked by a 5 year old?

      • 5 year old

        haha, my first thought, after I was turned on.

      • GOB

        The couch is about to go up in flames

      • Ricky

        I got so excited some else saw this too I just said out load; "that's what I thought!"

      • ryan bonline

        It was that guy from that one burger king commercial.

    • Skrewed

      #18 Give that bitch some chocolate syrup… Bitches LOVE Chocolate syrup. It's up to the guy to decide HOW where it goes. Atta boy!

      • Big Poppa

        #31 that's my pal Jeff, he says thanks

  • Joe

    #27 i live in this world

    • Wantomas

      Is this the chick from GoT?

      • Projekt_J

        It's Olivia Munn

        • hoppy

          the few episodes of The New Girl she has been in are a must see. she plays a stripper and love interest of Nick. Smoking hot…

    • TheBAMFinater

      Recently did a topless scene too. Worth the wait.

  • icatchcards


  • JetBuilder777

    #24 I've never wanted to help with the laundry so bad it made my pant tighter before!

    • jmonster

      She bends at the waist too…

      • JetBuilder777

        indeed she does…. good find my man

        • Joe

          Internet model, Bryci – NSFW

    • jim thorton

      Love me some Bryci

    • spliggs

      You help with the laundry, I'll be busy boning her.

  • Judo

    #10 #31 is my life! My girl can't get enough…and we been married for 8 years!

    • Joe

      Lucky fucking you

    • jvin

      Lies – all lies….

    • Neil deGrasse Tyson

      Watch out we got a badass over here

    • Claude

      that explains all the strange cars in your driveway when you're at work

  • brucebruce

    #18. Chocolate syrup?

    • sam

      (it's for the sex)

  • Felcus

    #31 Lucky kid or giant woman?

    • 15Weight

      Ha. I was thinking the same thing. That is quite a small hand print. Maybe she's a teacher…

      • flyingzombie

        and the kid is a lefty. we'll locate the lucky little bastard and make him tell us who she is!

    • Craigery

      I think the handprint is photoshopped, just like the totally fake looking joint laying on the couch.

      • Felcus

        Yeah, noticed the doobie after I posted. What am I missing here?

    • fuzzbucker

      the dood from the burger king commercials with the tiny hands is obviously compensating for something else.

    • linkx

      maybe she was smacked by another woman, which would make it hotter

  • jmonster

    I'd dirty my clothes a lot more (in more ways than one) with that sexy thing in #24 around

  • sfb101

    #15 I'm so old…
    #24 Want to take a spin?
    #31 Smack that!

    • sixdeadelves

      #15 made me chuckle a bit

  • Skermitt

    #31 Oh no! The joint is burning the couch! Quick give it to me!

    • Anon

      Thats why she got a spanking. not only is she fucking up the couch, she's wasting that joint.

  • Wood

    So #31 handprint is from a woman…….I like her….

    • Craigery

      The handprint is from a horny guy with a copy of Photoshop, just like the burning joint.

  • Marco

    #15 – Ha ha ha… I wonder how many kids today will understand that one!

    • Seriously?

      Wasn't this technically "unscrewing" the tape?

      • Righty Tighty Lefty

        If "screw = tighten", and "unscrew = loosen", I'd think not.

        Most of us used the pen mostly to reel tape back in that had somehow gotten loose. So, no, we "screwed" the tape back in, not "unscrewed" it…

    • @weareadventure

      I'm gonna go with little to none of them

    • dreez

      Im only 20 and I remember doing this!

  • fng

    #10 shaazamm, #24 Ahh tide, keeping whites whiter for years.

  • Wantomas

    #4 Emma Watson's face? Really? This has to stop.

    • Macro

      Shut up, you.

    • Alex

      I second that, she's "cute" but clearly not the most beautiful face you could find.

      • Jen

        Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis! and Stacy Kiebler's ass! whats going on with me? I like dick! or….DO I?

    • heywood jablowme

      its either her face or yours. And the internet stands by its decision.

    • hai

      Yea I love it when my women look like Richard Dawkins in the face.

    • Notknowing

      If my wife did the two things that Peg Bundy doesn't do…I'd be in heaven.

    • Meh Meme Man

      Don't worry. She'll be older and less whatever in a few years and the internet will find someone else to worship…

      • davo

        indeed, it is odd everyone seems to love her but she look's like she's 12

  • dave

    #18 couldn't take my eyes off the little blonde second from the left, #31 what my girls ass looks like on a regular basis. Thats the good girl spankin.

  • dzdncnfzd

    #31 that seems like a really small hand print

  • tv_paul

    #18 A five scoop blond sundae covered in chocolate syrup makes an awesome dessert

    • jeff

      it`s pork

  • I'm a Girl

    #10 Why can't more girls be like this. I'm a chick and fucking usually solves everything.

    • doublemeat

      You. I like you.

    • I'm a boy

      Thats hot

    • Murph1908

      How you doin?

    • Suggestion

      Why can't I find a girl with this mind set?

      • Meh Meme Man

        Because she only exists on the internet, that's why.

    • omnomnom

      marry me

    • Alec

      Marry Me

  • Bob

    Where is ? #29

    • CallMeATravellingMan

      Looks like the West of England, or maybe on the Continent somewhere… Numbers 5, 16 and 22 look much like southern Germany. So, maybe 29 is, too…
      #5, #16, #22, #29

  • echogeo

    Don't burn the sofa.

  • Tyler Durden

    #31 Someone has tiny, tiny jazz hands.

    • Bill Maxwell

      Smell like cabbage

  • MissChris

    #17 Gaaayyyyyyyyyy……

  • Kace

    I once wore a shirt that said "Incest is the Best" to a family reunion. It was really awkward. It was one of those "pranks" that didn't really pan out the way I'd anticipated it would.

    • Craigery

      Cool story, brah.

  • doublemeat

    #27 – Because Munn gif is best gif.

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