Meanwhile, in the world I wish I lived in… (31 Photos)

  • tv_paul

    #24 She is the very fabric of my existence.

    • Meh Meme Man

      I see what you did there…


    #24 Iwant to live in her world. Smokin hot and does laundry DAM.

  • prostreet68

    #27 Olivia Munn in my hot tub is a good wish.

  • Seldi84

    #10 #38
    World I want to live in.

  • jai

    #8 I'd never leave. I should probably do that in my own bathroom #24 great zeus's beard! I'd throw mud on her clothes as soon as they got out just to watch her do laundry again!

  • Kyle429

    Bryci FTW! (her most recent pics are NSFW, though)

  • ever

    It makes me sad that no-one pointed out how awesome #28 is until the second page

  • open minded

    #28 is wrong
    #31 is absolutely fucking correct!

  • thechivingpickle

    #31 is what happens when she answered with #10

  • Bob

    #18…I love seeing the pictures where you inadvertantly see a girl figuring out she's a lesbian. Check out the girl in the middle.
    #24…More more more.
    #31…I am in love now.

    • Meh Meme Man

      #18 I think she already figured that out…

  • TheFrontier

    #4 The perfect woman likes Pokemon???

  • billy

    normally i dont actually find olivia munn that attractive but for some reason #27 does it for me

    • Not An Olivia Fan

      #27 It's because for once in her life she's not running her stupid mouth…

  • ChiveApprentice

    #27 how has this not broken the internets yet.

  • SpecialToast

    #4 Nailed it.

  • llew11

    anyone else have to Wikipedia 'Asymptote'? #28

  • firstbeach

    #9 looks like a randy little club. almost every girl in the ad looks to be engaged in sex act with at least one other person.

  • davedoesn'tgetit


    That is a small hand, and that blunt looks photoshopped, this picture makes no sense.

  • Kaitlyn Reese

    #27 is my world, every day. Squishy for the win<3

    • Not An Olivia Fan

      #27 So, you're in a hot tub with Olivia Munn every day? Does she run her stupid mouth all the time? Wait, that's not the world I wished I lived in…

  • Jay

    #31 um children shouldn't be slapping your bare ass, you could be arrested!!! And they also don't smoke pot….

  • Cybberia

    WTF, is she getting ass smacked by a 5 year old? What's up with bowl?

    • Cybberia

      #31 that is

  • NorCal420

    #9 Clever clever!

  • Pants

    #4 Cut off the face and that's perfect.

  • andrew2172

    #24 I suddenly wanna do my laundry every day if I got to see her.

  • LOL

    #31, Is that a burning Joint? I want some

  • HickoryHeel01


    Dude! I love beer and I love chocolate as much as anybody (and more than most), but with all that awesomeness X 5 unfolding right in front of you, dammit, put down the chocolate. Put down the beer and GET YOU SOME!

    I mean, the only concievable place for chocolate in a scenario like that is, if it's poured all over some bare, female flesh (if that's what she's into).


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