Mountain temples around the globe (18 Photos)

  • sssr


  • john

    Want so bad!

  • SMD

    #6 Looks like the Gerudo Fortress from Ocarina. Well I'm a nerd…

    • zelda

      dude, spot on lol.

  • Sport Royal

    Yeah well, my apartment has it's own washer and dryer.

    • Concerned Chiver

      Yeah well, my apartment has its own elevator.

  • echogeo

    It is quite remarkable to think about the labor that went into creating these architectural wonders.
    Are they warm in the winter? Electricity, dozens of fireplaces? Coal?
    I can only imagine what the winter winds must be like in some of these places.

  • Texas

    I thought for sure that Pueblo, Colorado would be up here, those things are badass.

  • bigyawns

    its 45 degrees and i am freezing i am a pussy

  • BBB

    Lots of time and dedication went into building those structures. Beautiful works of art made by hand.

  • CD3

    i couldnt help but think zombie hideouts

  • @Avfc4life

    mountain temples are for lazy people who cant be arsed to build a whole building

    • Tankus

      Because carving a building from pure rock on a cliffside is WAY easier! =P

  • Adam

    You forgot Minas Tirith. Not real but still cool

  • Cgyachilles

    Where's the meteora in Greece?

    • been there once

      #3 #8 are both monastery's in Meteora.

      • George

        Yep! Hope you had a nice time 🙂

  • Milo Djukanovic

    You forgot Manastir Ostrog in Montenegro !!!

  • Paul

    Petra (Jordan) is not a monastery but ruins of an extinct civilization.

    • John

      Originally it was a Nabatean tomb. It was repurposed during the Crusades by monks as a Monestary but that was a relitavly short period of time. Paul you get the history award for the day.

  • Tokey the Bear

    What about Machu Picchu?

  • Chivette

    #15 & #16 is a lost as some have speculated abandoned city. I've always found this beautiful and would love to visit someday. Chive should do a post on lost cities of the world. Pretty fascinating stuff.

    • Ryan

      I second that.

  • close enough

    probly wont work, only got mouth herps to wurry bout

  • Mikey

    Montserrat in Spain is quite an amazing place too, being there is unreal. Religious or not these structures are amazing accomplishments

  • kova

    How about Ostrog, Montenegro?

  • Thunderhawk

    OK, Greece, you win.

  • boeie86

    Where is the Western Air Temple?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #16 – hey, indiana jones and the last crusade?

  • svp

    when i read the title, i honestly thought it was gonna be boobs

  • BillyT

    #15 and #16 are the treasury building in Petra. It's not a monastery.

    • kawabounga

      true it's a grave

  • Joe

    I was kinda pissed when the Temple of the Moon on Huayna Picchu (near Machu Picchu) in Peru didn't get mentioned…so beautiful

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