Hot Right Now: Shut up and take my money (15 Photos)

Scene and emo girls are a real enigma (31 Photos)

It’s like reaching into a bag of Gardetto’s, sometimes you win and sometimes you throw ’em out of your bedroom.

  • fapping pal

    Emo girls are just emoting. But wow, they are really amazing!

  • whyme1973

    #6 #13 #29 Would not throw out of bedroom.

  • briankutys

    #12 extremely cute

    • briankutys

      please dont be a dude

  • Yume_girl

    Major girl crush on #4 #10 and #19 !

  • kimoho

    I'd take #2, #4, #6, & #8

  • ben caxton

    there seem to be few flat chested emo girls.

  • willhahn

    #4 wins the internet and my heart.

  • the390


  • coldpop

    #14 ewww i really feel the need to puke right now..what is this the rise of the dead,scary ass bitch.

  • Magnus

    I think # 4 and #12 are of Ledabear from youtube 🙂

  • cwsquared

    If you have a sexy body you can pull off a lot of stuff.

  • Justin Donley

    This album is rediculous. Stron work Chivette's!

  • Chuck Schick

    #18 What I want to do when I see most of these chicks, YAK.

  • ryan

    So many beautiful women, like I said before this needs to happen every week

  • Joseph of Aramathea

    #4 and #12 I dont care how they dress or do their hair, with faces like these they cant avoid being beautiful

  • Seldi84

    #1 #9 #29. All these ladies at bloody gorgeous and I wish the dated fat English blokes

  • TheYesMan25

    #13 #20 are actually really beautiful.

  • JZZ

    #1 is a suicide girl. Can't remember her name tho.

  • Alex

    #4 #8 #15 #20 Are all keepers IMO.

  • SnakemanDan85

    Better like all the pictures or they'll cut themselves.

  • A British Person

    #14 why are you green?

  • jawbone

    #25 It's hard to pull of the demure pose when you look like a fucking creep.

  • Spike

    my luck I'd go to bed with #19 and wake up with #14

  • Irish

    #7 damn, just something about her…

    • lemurfart

      i was thinking the same thing

  • Fapped

    #8 and #12 make me want to… Done.

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