The internet doesn’t care about Beyonce’s feelings (34 Photos)

Beyonce’s publicist was offended at some of the more “unflattering” photos taken of her during last week’s Super Bowl halftime performance and asked for them to be taken offline. But nobody tells the internet what to do. People on the internet took this as a great opportunity to create these funny photo mashups in response to this request. Here are the hilarious results…

The first few photos are the unedited pictures straight from Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl.

Post found via Buzzfeed

  • Mac

    Absolutely Fabulous!

  • CaptainInsane-o

    #1 I thought the half-time show was good… because I have a penis.

    But seriously this is the Steamin Willy Beamon pose

  • Eder

    The internet… is too amazing sometimes….

  • bigcityreem

    #14 I had the same expression when I saw that commercial.

  • Everton

    Am I the only one who is having a hard time follwing Bob on Tapiture?

  • SD_Scott

    OMG YES!!! #32

  • Ari214

    Well what does she expect? She puts on this attitude every time she performs; it's like she's dancing out of anger or something. She's annoying.

  • @FBaroni2006

    I don't even know what to say to this…. wow… haha

  • brandonjwood

    And here I thought TheChive was different and had class above most of the other pages. Shame on me, I guess.

  • dbcooper

    #2 RuPaul's brother!

  • CStewart

    Always a laugh to be had online. The Friday pic with Smokey, just beautiful. :tear: I'm still giggling that one out of my system. I hear Smokey the instant I look.

  • LOL

    #16, DERP

  • Elliot

    I'm. Love This


    she looks like chris brown ,in the second photo

  • Guest

    After all is said and done she's getting paid the big bucks to sing and dance and chivettes take off their clothes for free for total strangers .Pretty sure she's not worried and all those haters out there. Who are the losers now? Simple broads

  • Ono

    All these white girls on here talking about beyonce …sigh…just keep tanning you'll get there one day:-)

  • Fas

    Jay-Z is going to kill you all lol

  • Guest

    Jealous f'ing people. So called chive community ohh we are so awesome we talk about people that have money because we don't have any! Beyonce is ugly…blah blah blah…but you have nothing to say about sluts posing half naked in front of mirrors for total strangers . Beyonce is the slut? Really???? Hahaha the chive is full of douchebags and douchettes. Keep hating haters!

  • swarlos

    Terrible fucking performance. I've heard cats fuckingin an alley with a better tune. And her terrible stripper dance routine and outfit would have been ok pre baby. Now she ejyst looked bad

  • Hawk

    She feels as hot as they come. Baby, please relax. Ur no hotter than the av hoodloom bxxch. Relax. U used to be. What happened?

  • Revlis1

    Those are rad…

  • Simon

    Love the camel one. They both have two humps.

  • labdogsnharleys

    ok this is really stupid…but… #18 was funny

  • steffletcher

    Just brilliant humor! Thank you to the contributors and of course, to the internet! hahahahahaha

  • Tacos117

    holy shit! ahahahjahha

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