The internet doesn’t care about Beyonce’s feelings (34 Photos)

Beyonce’s publicist was offended at some of the more “unflattering” photos taken of her during last week’s Super Bowl halftime performance and asked for them to be taken offline. But nobody tells the internet what to do. People on the internet took this as a great opportunity to create these funny photo mashups in response to this request. Here are the hilarious results…

The first few photos are the unedited pictures straight from Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl.

Post found via Buzzfeed

  • guest

    Fuckin' Chewbacca look-a-like.

  • grumpy

    #22 – her final form, apparently, will be Iggy Pop.

  • Sue

    #28 #33 those are awesome

  • Justin D.

    #22 I literally LOLed

  • shaboobie

    The world is finally finding out what a lame ass bitch this she male is…honestly she makes Mike Tyson look feminine.

  • Dont be a hater

    seriously ya need a life who ever edited these photo!!!! get a life hater ya Only wishing ya had her life

  • go beyoncé!

    have you people seen her extraordinary superbowl show at all????
    she is a mother and still so gorgeous and a phenomenal dancer and singer.
    you can take bad pictures of everyone. i also think they are hilarious, but
    does she really deserve to be insulted? she must have put a lot of effort and
    time into the rehearsals of this show.
    nevermind… go ahead, be jealous of what she has achived in life
    or start chasing your own dreams and leave her alone!

  • Steve Propecia

    Brilliant, cracked me up

  • wal-mart customer

    classic case of "if you could only see yourself from here!" LOL

  • anon

    This just shows what a true skank she is

  • John

    #18 was pure genius

  • Torschy

    Its time that hideous over-rated egomaniac twat gets what is coming to her. the entertainment industry pisses me off how they can make something popular just by pumping countless amounts of money into themselves. TLC had way more talent than Beyonce but Beyonce's ego just couldn't fit in TLC's venues any longer

  • JND

    #32 is the best!!!!!

  • flayva
  • Morgan

    Ugly fucking bitch

  • Joseph Joman Mancuso
  • charlie

    she is so gross period.nasty bitch.fat ass,ugly face and no is wrong with the nfl producers

  • 4Chan

    One does not simply ask command the Internet.

  • oshi

    so hilarious. I would love it if everyone who courted power just had the piss taken out of them like this until they stopped bothering. There are so many more inspiring and important people out there to listen to who just don't play the game. Game over Beyonce!

  • Lexie

    Whatever…Beyoncé is obviously gorgeous and was working it hard core at the Super Bowl…these pics are just proof of it.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #7 It's not hard to make fun of her when there are so many unflattering shots! She looked hideous!

  • InstaPoll

    Does Beyonce belong in a Zombie Apocalypse? Vote here:

  • GL Lee

    It's a guy in drag… they can do amazing things with TV.

  • Micheall Myrie

    Here is a good collection of pics for all you Beyonce fans!!!

  • Danny

    She's overrated, why the f are so many people obsessed with her, I'll never know.

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