This is an amazing rock we live on (HQ Video)

Time to be inspired. Happy Friday, world!!

This is what the Internet was made for 2012 Edition

Music Playlist:
1. Time (We Plants are Happy Remix) – Hans Zimmer
2.This Is So Good (Original Mix) – Ehrencrona
3.Fortune Days – The Glitch Mob
4. Levitate (NFS Shift2 Dirty Remix) – Hollywood Undead
5. Never Surrender – Brand X Music

  • Krymania

    Shhhhhoot it!

  • Andrew

    One of the more impressive compilations I have seen in a while.

  • sfb101

    Absolutely bad ass! Mesmerized and kinda choked up all at the same time.
    Oh and please find @ 4:27.

    • jim thorton

      yes. you also forgot 2.37, 3.54, 4.11 and especially 6.21

      • scrapdog22


    • Poopy

      I think it's that chick…terrible song but wait until 3:14

      • Poopy

        mayra munoz specifically

  • They Rock

    S/O to the Slow Mo Guys!!!!! (youtube them)

  • Yesh


  • TShlew

    I feel the sudden urge to risk my life jumping off a mountain… Strange.

  • darkohanzo

    Seriously want a wingsuit dag nabbit

  • What am I doing?

    In the meantime, I just finished a bag of taco flavored Doritos…

  • that redneck smell

    Not enough of amazing porn!!

  • Felcus

    I was gonna say, "This isn't the internet, I haven't seen a cat yet." Then there was a cat.

  • xBigBossx

    Now lets go out this weekend and do something!

  • Joanne

    Summary: men performing amazing feats that took years to master. Women showing off their cleavage. Way to push the stereotype, ladies.

    • @tonytouch24kt

      But keep it coming…you forgot to tell the ladies to keep the cleavage coming….

  • Cyntax

    Feeling a bit more energized now!

  • Suggestion

    Lets just say…. A W E S O M E ! ! ! !

  • Alex

    Awesome compilation!

  • bigyawns

    so you're telling me I need a motorcycle, a flying suit and the ability to skateboard

  • RedHotChivette

    Thanks Bob, you have a fantastic weekend! And thanks for that… needed it. No longer on the fence about rippin it up in the mountains this weekend. Definitely going!!!


    unbelievable, fucking awesome

  • Revlis1

    Not to be the stick in the mud.. but uh pretty sure the Internet wasn't created to host a collection of X-Games/ adrenal junkie video clips. It was conceived originally as a robust com system, then as an educational resource the like the world had never seen… Instead, we get thousands of hours of banal dipshitery, duck faces, and "extreme" anything.

    Oh and Porn.

    Wait wait, Not that this isn't awesome, just tossing it out there that with all the billions spent on dipshitery, folks could instead be making a real difference, helping the world be a better place. But no, instead lets all be "inspired" by stupid human pet tricks.

    Yeah Yeah, I can feel the hate. Seriously though, awesome video amazing talents worthy of appreciation.

    • Kiki

      Haters gonna hate! I didn't come to the Chive to get an education Miss Wise One. I come here to see stuff exactly like this. Your post isn't half bad, but unless you have something to contribute, i.e. a nice set of tits or a shitty duckface, then zip it biz…

      • Revlis1

        Well I didn't make you read my post, and while you didn't come hear for an education, it's clear you haven't gone anywhere else… so… Chive on.

        • Kiki

          Oh sweety, I am currently earning my education so congrats to me for using the Internet as you intended, & how could you possibly make me read your post? That's just silly. Also, you have made it obvious that you fail English Comp 101 *hear… Aka suck it

    • Smitty

      Your wrong. The internet as we know it in it's current incarnation was created at CERN for the sharing of ideas collaboration at the global level.

      I'm seeing a whole lot of SHARING going on, that's why these vids were posted in the first place… for the creators to share with the world.

      For every video, there were dozens, if not hundreds of people COLLABORATING with the creators to help make them a reality.

      These videos restore my faith just a tiny bit and make me pleased to be a human and a citizen of this planet. These are people that are pushing the boundaries of ability and the exploration of possibilities. They are breaking the mold of "conventional" entertainment, in the creativity, the creation and the delivery. They are not programing for the 99% lowest common denominator, they are programing for the intelligent 1% that understand.

      Reading your post and watching the video makes me think that you didn't even watch it yourself and that you missed the point entirely. Go back to watching Honey Boo Boo.

      PS: the ling is broken. Use this one:

  • JohnnyChingas


  • yoyo

    4:11 This is why I love BURNING MAN!!!!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    that is a fucking long video.

  • markkens

    Long but strangely I couldn't look away.

  • Magi More

    <img src=""/>yeah. this guy so amazing so cool .Im agree

  • me me

    Awesome. Now let's go back to the rabbit hole

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