• fibonacci5150

    damn it I haven't even watched the video and ur reading my mind

  • Tiber_Septim

    "Icarry a badge you wanna get arrested right now?" lmao

  • Tom

    Bus driver badge don't mean shit.

  • jdubx

    rofl that video was the best. they should've done more "coke" trades though xD

    • Arid

      First time in Amsterdam I am at a street vendor(probably Turkish) trying to buy a frikandel(think hot dogesque) and ask for Coke.

      "No, no, no, you come back later"

      "Okay, how about a Pepsi"

      "OH, Coca Cola I get you one"

      What the hell did I almost buy?!?!? Yeah, this happens.

  • Wannabes

    God damn everybody makes videos. Go get a job bums and stop wasting people's time. Shit aint even that funny

  • Steve Grenier

    lmao, that shit was great.

  • Tim

    Epic. They should do a follow up asking people if they want to score some crank and pull out a little hand crank

  • J.Dough

    Must be a lot of jokers in Spain, because last time I went there was someone doing the joke at every corner …

  • canadianchiver

    i love this!! reminds me of the show impractical jokers lol

  • Leroy

    Tell you one thing right now, a black man knows flip his hand he white on the inside

    • Yip

      Can you explain that to me in English?

  • James

    Laughed much more than I though I would!

  • 10thletter

    this is a bit lame

  • Kusta

    those guys are genius sell pot in pot !!!

  • CD3

    the last one was pretty funny

    • Gah

      Blew that guys mind, didn't even know where he was anymore

  • ty w

    lolol at the security guard at the end thats classic

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