You can’t explain that (48 Photos)

  • dnar

    #35-OHMAGAWD!!! I KNOW HIM!!!

  • Michael Oxlong

    #10 still have a hardon

  • fuzzbucker

    #6 ladies…please form a neat and orderly line

  • Jbear

    #43 MR. MANHATTAN, duh

  • Stick

    No worse than pretending you own and manage an NFL team

  • Jdub ottawa

    #2 lol
    Close the door…I'm taking a sheep

  • Jesse

    #17: guess he didnt understand the concept of jumping through the flaming hoop…
    #23: What happens if they drop the banana? nevermind, we probably don't want to know.

  • Bent Stick

    #44 what game is that??

    • zro

      mafia 2? i think…

    • Nick

      Mafia 2

  • harleagh

    #32 – Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a woman cosplaying as a hat.

    No, really, that's the actual explanation.

    • Leeks

      At least it's as an awesome hat, from an awesome show.

  • Spykeratchet

    Christopher Dorner, LAPD defector, murderer and general nutjob dropped a KCCO in his 20 page nonsense rambling. Somehow I don't think he quite gets what KCCO means. You can't explain that:

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #10 So wrong.

  • Craigery

    #1 What can't I explain? I man in a purple shirt?

    • Craigery

      "A man", not "I man"

    • BBB

      Seems as though he has pantyhose on Detective Columbo!

  • dave

    #3 extreme mountain biking, the rest……… no clue

  • Barney Rubble

    #32 Did the Hero of Canton approve of this picture?

  • Incognegro

    #10 #12 WHY?

  • meh

    biebers doppelganger?

    • Sloop John B.

      Emma Watson or Richard Dawkins in drag. Who can tell, they look exactly the same.

  • mind.blown.

    …what the fuck did I just see?

  • Pat

    #18 gabe newell??

  • sfb101

    #7 Rippers!

  • kikass

    #29 I felt this way at Pizza Hut yesterday. I was the only person in the entire restaurant, and this couple comes in and sits at the booth next to me, so I was forced to listen to their convo and their chomping.

  • ben

    #26 Dave MacDowell FTW!

  • cymru Am Buth

    #22 hey you big pussy

  • tim

    #48 That can't be real. I mean I don't pay attention to fashion in the slightest but wtf is that

  • WilstorUlgo

    #6. " you killed my father, prepare to die"

  • Off to work....


    The town I live in…. Pride fills me

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