Cat Saturday (27 Photos)

  • bbl

    Cat saturday is very late today.

    • COCO

      so, what is the problem

      • Jacob


  • erick

    #2 good cat

  • Marie

    Love cat Saturday!

  • mynameisjulian


  • Poopy

    Finally the cat saturday post…now I can go back to bed..

    • COCO

      You must be so proud of yourself

      • Poopy

        No..I'm not..I'm going back to bed so I can cry myself asleep again..

  • penguin slayer

    #9 I'll kill you potato!

    • Dale

      My new favorite gif. This is great!

    • RandomPerson24

      Excellent potato attacking skills

  • ESPN2013

    Has anyone else had any VIRUS issues with thechive lately? I have been getting quite a few warnings when i have clicked on posts lately

    • Westy

      Yup. I did a scan with microsoft security essentials, it found some adware thingy and removed it.. Haven't had any issues since. It's a free download at solid anti-virus software.

    • ScottishYankee

      Same here, but my anti-virus blocks it

    • HUH?

      also try malwarebytes. another freebie. if thechive was a girl, youd need 4 condoms, some bleach wipes and a shot of penicillin.

    • Hmmm

      A MacBook costs more but I never have to think about this stuff…

      • enbee

        a brain costs less, but then you would have to think about stuff.

  • nik

    #9 is hysterical!

  • Nemo

    #2 This is what I feel like doing after shoveling out of this blizzard

  • Lindsey

    Just finished digging my car out of 26' of snow, came in to relax with cat Saturday's. Whooo!!!

    • Splay

      26 feet! Holy crap, what part of the planet are you from???

  • JJaywill

    #18 The tiger is drugged out of his mind.

    • gclark

      Yep, sadly most the "close up" experiences with the tigers are with stoned ones.

      • noname

        Head to Tiger Kingdom in North Thailand they are not drugged or chained. They are bred, and trained its quite a rush! 😀 how ever there is places like in Bangkok Tiger Temple where they are chained and drugged and its really sad ;(

        • Hannah

          I guarantee you they are still drugged up, just better at hiding it than the others apparently. I spent all summer working for a wildlife rescue group and besides that have experience handling tigers from babies and yes they can be taught to respect individuals that raised them but it is extremely rare for a tiger to allow more than 1 or 2 people to handle them and even then there is always a risk involved because they are WILD ANIMALS. Any place that will allow strangers to handle or pose with the tigers (especially in Thailand where wildlife are not covered under any animal abuse laws) most definitely has drugged them and if not drugs than beaten them into submission like with elephants. Sorry for the rant, its just a very sad waste of some amazing majestic animals and I hope more people become aware of it.

          • Hannah

            **wildlife rescue group in Thailand, where I saw the horrible effects of tigers we rescued from situations like these

  • boob_cuddler

    #22 I can watch a cat fall down stairs all day.

  • student-tastic

    #24 is the best!

  • Candlejack

    For this, you die in your sleep!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #18 – acceptable.


      Canucks still suck

  • Caitlin

    #20 this week on The View

  • Janus

    #14 "dont disturb a cat when he's watching porn" and #27 is "draw me like on of your french girls Jack"

  • JackieMoon

    #3 This cat clearly has no idea the last cat went "missing" for blocking Chive viewing

  • Gallus

    I got to watch #9 live on my living room floor last evening. My little boy cat had one of his stuffless toys and was doing a dance with it. Fortunately, he tired out in about five minutes and went to sleep.

  • the390

    Draw me like one of your French girls

    • turkeytits

      first thing i noticed was the cats awesome moustache. or should i say "meow"-stache

      • the390

        What a PURRRfect little pun

  • kcco

    I want to adopt a cat, but my gf wont let me because "we have a baby on the way"..
    Looks like somebody doesn't want this engagement ring.
    Maybe she'll see this

    • iskra9

      … smart move dude. After all, owning a cat is the very essence of life, a miracle of evolution and a bond that will see you loved supported and nurtured all your remaining days. Not to mention leaving behind a legacy of evidence of the love you and your gf shared. Yeah. You should get a cat. It would be the unselfish thing to do.

      That way your gf and child could find someone with a brain, a heart and a soul.

      • pats suck

        this iskra dude is a douche

    • Cassafrass

      What do cats gave to do with babies

  • Dani

    Cat Saturday seems to have been affected by a malware issue.

  • socalmarti

    #20 Why yes, I did sit and meow at this for 5 mins. thank you very much!!! 😉

  • bdtrngl

    #23 Well hello ladies.

  • TU_Joe

    Cats kinda suck.. Just sayin..

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