• HGR1374

    That was cute!!

  • panduh

    Where is cat saturday?

  • jbownz

    Cat Saturdays and MILF Sundays… how is this difficult?

  • JohnnyD

    Cats or gtfo

  • anonimo

    Future clandestine operative.

  • Bronson

    Did anyone notice how many cavities that kid already had? That passive parenting shit is gonna cost him all his damn teeth.

    • 4 out of 5 Dentists

      I think those are what's left of the sprinkles he ate, like when you eat a gummie bear and part of it sticks to your teeth.

    • MBoarman

      definitely not cavities… remains from the cereal he had just eaten. he sees a dentist regularly.

  • yoyoma

    Deny>deny>question credibility of evidence>question credibility of witness>deny>deny>back away from scene of the crime

  • jabrwok

    "It wasn't me!"

  • Jim Bob

    That's about how good I am at lying at 23.

  • beerich

    He also did not have sexual relations with Monica "Knees" Lewinski

  • Anne

    Cute as a button

  • https://www.facebook.com/mountof4 Da Mounts

    Dr Phil: "mom, you're a pushover"

  • https://www.facebook.com/keith.dietrich.7 Keith_D

    I was going to make a "future politician" joke, but I see everyone else already beat me to it…

  • Tyman

    "You have sprinkles on your face!"
    **wipes finger on lip**
    "uuuh no, no, I did not eat the sprinkles"

    HAHAHAH unreal! cool kid.

  • Derrick

    Don't spare the rod

  • Clam Down Lady

    I know you want to be a good mother. But you have to face the fact that if you were the "GOOD" mother you think you are then he wouldn't eat the sprinkles. Okay so he ate the sprinkles. He's lying to you because he doesn't want to be the bad kid YOU ARE MAKING HIM OUT TO BE. So do yourself a favor and accept the fact that you aren't the "GOO" mother you think you are and stop torturing your fucking kid.
    Not a big fucking deal the kid is lying to your face, get over it. You're not God.

    • really?

      I always thought the first C in KCCO stood for "CALM" but aparaently I was wrong its "CLAM" if your going to troll the post maybe start by spelling your name correctly makes your arm chair parenting just that little more believable….

    • MBoarman

      You are a crazy person.

  • Codi

    The mother sees this and sees a liar. But people see this and see a mother trying to shape and control her son. You can't control your son. You can't snap your fingers and make him sing and dance for you. He is a human being trying to cope with his environment. Like it or not you are part of the environment, trying to control his behavior is only going to create someone that can be easily controlled.
    Don't want the kid eating it, don't put at it face level. He's a kid, he's only reacting to all of the mistakes you make as a parent. FYI you fucked his life by putting him online.

    • MBoarman

      i SERIOUSLY doubt we "fucked his life" at all. he will have a few more dollars in his college fund from the youtube ad, and we will fade back into obscurity after another week or so…. and life will go on.

  • Darryl

    1. He's lying
    2. He's not doing what he's told
    3. He doesn't trust you
    You're creating this problem. He's 6 years old, all he can do is what you've taught him to do. You're failing him. You know he did this thing so why make him a liar? Do you see the paradox? Do you see how you are failing this child? It's not his problem it's yours. Educate yourself before you destroy this person.

  • tbjacobs

    "John, you have sprinkles on your face." "Oh, no." *slowly backs away*

  • bruce

    Aww, they cut off the end of the video where the kid is beaten into a fucking coma.

  • Big_Ol_Al

    Deny, deny, deny. He's ready for a career in politics!

  • science-tology

    And so Religion was born. Let us pray to sprinkles-christ-muhammed-moses-ghanish, for non-sprinkles is only a theory.

  • KelownaPeter

    Lance Armstrong as a child

  • He2man

    Always stick to your guns. Bravo son, bravo.

  • Razerglass

    This is a smart kid.
    No witness, photos or video showing he ate those sprinkles. Just because there are sprinkles around his mouth and the jar is half empty doesn't mean he ate it.

    He could have accidentally knocked down the sprinkle jar and his face fell on the sprinkles.

    An example, Just because there is a dead body on the floor and i have blood on my clothes doesn't mean i killed that person.

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