The most majestic family of the animal kingdom (36 Photos)

  • ChrisK

    #13 Como se llama?

  • TBaker

    I know a guy who got into a fist fight with a llama. The llama won.

  • rickyrick

    #32 its so fluffy im gonna die!!!!

  • Heywood Jablome

    #30 #32 everything is cute when it's a baby. Grown up? Not so much…

  • Silverstone

    #12 This is an insult to alpacas the world over. I protest!

  • Mutch

    Hot girls in the middle of nowhere?

  • Nick Papageorgio

    #20 what does the girl from Jurassic Park, an alpaca, and an eagle have in common?

  • KCCO

    #25 is a donkey

  • NeedleFapper

    #29 cracks me up.

  • BigWoodee

    Oh, I see. Alpaca my bags and leave now.

    • BigWoodee


  • What

    Llamas and alpacas. Geez.

  • Joel

    #21, I watched it over and over and can't stop laughing.

  • Joel

    Sorry, I meant 29. I couldn't see straight because of the tears.

  • Chaosd

    #21 Stitch!

  • unstablegirl

    The best petting zoo animals EVER! If they don't like you, they spit on you.

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