The most majestic family of the animal kingdom (36 Photos)

  • ChestRockwellz

    Hmmm. Wanted to see more tittie!!

    • 1032

      Why would you wanna see Alpaca titties?

  • crazydog

    #18 and just as entertaining

    • tbz709

      Only one I legitimately laughed at. The rest or merited a smile.

  • KCooperCO

    #4 thank you. thank you so much

  • crazydog

    Weirdest animals

  • Candlejack

    What'd you just say about my mama?!

    • G3001

      #29 – Words cannot describe. I don't about "what'd you just say about my mana?!" it's more like the funniest thing that I can ever imagine multiplied by infinity.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #22 – ray lewis of the wild.

    • bunck

      The alpaca murdered that poor child?

      • Truth

        And then paid his family?

        • UhHuh

          And then ended his career with a Super Bowl.

  • TheBAMFinater

    No emperors new groove? "Yeah I'm a llama again!"

  • Guest

    assa 'llama' alaikum

  • MordecaiMurray

    #1- I really don't get what Skrillex is trying to do with his new image…

  • Ron Burgundy

    This is the creepiest thing I've ever seen… #29

  • alex

    #29 lol
    #30 #32 come on, there is no way llamas can be that cute.

  • AssaLLAMAlakem

    #25 is a donkey…..

    • derp

      You're a donkey

      • citsacras


        • skatlib


          • Mia


  • Yuppp

    Bill Murray is playing in the tournament at Pebble Beach right now. Tune in, it's awesome.

  • confirmed

    i cant dj?

  • confirmed

    my ears are fried

  • confirmed

    u wont help

    • TrueStory

      Drugs are bad, mmmkay…

  • Jedediah

    The sounds they make are hilarious too…definitely in the top three animals I would want to be that start with the letter L.

  • johnny

    #4 couldn't stop LMFAO!

  • ImpressMe

    If you just say "llama llama llama" really fast….. it will make your whole day better….really….. lol Also, they are true party animals…. #14

  • brett

    "Photobomb!" -eagle

  • Ben

    No Pau Gasol?

  • 412chiver

    Doug, I'm hungover and need boobs.
    -Your cousin

  • Jess
    My cousin trying to keep her sick alpaca warm during a storm when he wouldn't go in the barn

  • MNExpat

    Which one of these is Ralph?

  • Mari

    #30 #32 They have among the cutest babies of all animals

    • sarah

      not llamas

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