Feels like a lingerie kinda day (38 Photos)

  • Evan


    • blue_bronco

      Whose Hahahaah?

      • Aussie_Chiver

        Must be related to the pubescent little Chiver claiming to be first

    • Trini

      I thought people were done saying First?

  • 4nbstd

    #2 looks like one of them expensive hookers.

    • McG

      My God! Where to even begin…

    • thisguy

      did anyone else see Christopher Dorner's manifesto, the uncensored one, towards the end he has written KCCO lol

      • myself

        Holy shit, I'm very saddened that is true. Definitely the opposite of KCCO.

        • Draco

          No actually its not the opposite, just the opposite of the good things we intend by it. he is using it correctly, I mean despite all that happened to him he's staying calm and going on a rampage causing an entire state to seek him out, unfortunately. He's doing what he feels needs to be done, even if that's completely jacked up by our standards. The man is scarily sane.

    • Kevrhutch

      One you couldn't ever afford

      • CaptMerica

        Ih sweet baby Jesus more of this all the time

    • Johnty

      Anyone who she is?

    • Rubberbandman

      Damn, she's hot. Gr8 outfit

  • db3300

    #5 That is one of the most disappointing jobs of cropping a pic ever.

    • Jeffey

      Would ya look at the size of that neck

    • dodo

      sabine jemeljanova

  • Stakules

    Damn baby you look great. Now take it off!!!

  • Nipple observer

    #17 nipple!

    • whyme1973

      Glad it busted you cherry. Also glad you pointed it out so they can pull it down. Thanks for acting like a 12 year old with his first Playboy.

      • Texas

        Some men just want to watch the world burn…

      • Joe

        I mean if you wanna see nipples go look up some porn.

        • anybody

          Since when a nipple is considered porn?

        • bill

          get a life j.o.

  • That Guy


    • This Guy

      sammi valentine…nsfw

    • rgh


  • Joe

    Yeah grab that boob #34

  • Texas

    One-eyed pants snake approves.

  • reggie1610

    #5: Absolutely adorable. Yum!

  • Joe

    #27 please sit on my cock

    • C-dog


    • Can't yet

      You will have to grow one first!!

  • MattKL

    #10 Good Lord…

    • hmm

      same for #36 …DEM HIPS

  • http://twitter.com/kolby182 @kolby182

    #5 spank bank

  • Barrymackokener

    #35 better pray I don't see in her in a dark ally some day….KIDDING!!….or maybe not

    • KCCO

      what's wrong with you?!

      • Barrymackokener

        Hmmm well let's see here I have two left feet partial loss of hearing in my right ear, also a mild form of insomnia and an immune deficiency , why ask ? 🙂

    • Prettyswellguy

      Her left hand makes me RAGE in that pose. The only ffemale that ever should have done that is Reese in Legally Blonde, that is it!

      • Barrymackokener


  • Camo

    Lingerie! My only weekness!!! Chive, how did you know!?!?!

  • FatMarc

    #27 and #32 MOAR!!

  • dhouser

    #24, For the great state of Texas, we must have MOAR!

    • Thank You

      Your body looks exactly like pron star Angelina Torres…Thank you, would love to see your face.

    • sTXchiver

      Wasnt she also in the last group of Chivettes for hump day?

    • chivette

      You're gorgeous! I wish I had your body!

      • Ramon

        I wish I had her body too, but next to mine 😉

  • You bet

    Posts like this confirm my hatred of lingerie. Don't get me wrong, these women are beautiful, but I would rather see a hot girl in a tight t-shirt and undies any day.

    • TommyD

      Most of this stuff doesn't actually qualify as anything near lingerie.

      • King

        Tight jeans & a t-shirt^^

  • jamie

    #5 #27 Mother of God !!! Chivers , Who is #17 Love that nipple !!

    • FatMarc

      the origional pic for number 17 is lucy pinder. plenty of nipple to see in her pics. happy googling!!

      • travis

        LIES!! #17 is NOT Lucy pinder

        • FatMarc

          obviously it's not now. but if you saw the origional pic it was lucy pinder. this was the origional pic. http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/31300000/L

          and now you can jump up my ass!!

        • Jamie

          When the post first came out it was Lucy Pinder but since there was a HUGE nipple showing The Chive felt they had to delete the original # seventeen

  • Thad

    #29 ME LIKEY

    • DD FAN

      juliette stray, she was on a milfhunter episode a while back

  • moondoggy13

    #26 #27 heels make lingerie 100% sexier…

    • Rich

      True that !

  • whyme1973

    #1 Just a little further…
    #10 OMG! Dat ass is amazing!

  • FatMarc

    where did the origional pic for 17 go?

  • Ruben

    #23, #24, #27 Moar Please!!

    • good sandwhich

      #23 is Kalena Rios

      • credible hulk

        Is that a push-up pad in her hand?

  • kenton

    So the chive NEVER has pictures of black women……NEVER. and we are just supposed to be okay with this? Mix it up, chive-holes!

    • Ricky Bobby

      What are you talking about? There was a whole topic about beonce(sp) the other day…

    • Canada!

      Never is a strong word because apparently you have never seen the "Black is beautiful" threads

      I'm fine with it personally, black chicks do nothing for me, nether do Asians actually.

      • FatMarc

        http://thechive.com/2013/01/23/black-is-beautiful… there you go. never say never!!

        • kenton

          You mean there is a seperate category for black women? Plessy v ferguson….seperate but equal. Can you point me to the seperate water fountain?

          • cody

            You aren't very bright, are you Kenton?

            • kenton

              Well, that question calls for a subjective opinion about myself. I understand that while i am a 28 year old licensed attorney with a good job, that does not automatically certify me as bright. Although my last ''water fountain' comment was a joke, I could not help but notice the overwhelmingly anglo nature of the chivette threads. And upon being instructed that there was a seperate thread for black women….well that was just spoon feeding a comeback regarding 'seperate but equal'. Im having a great Sunday……back to work tomorrow!

          • ryan

            … and a separate one for red heads, and asians. They're not being singled out. Quit making them victims.

            • Yum Yum Roll

              This. A million times this.

          • Pump3d!

            Wake up to yourself. There is different posts on the chive for everything, redheads, asians, tattooed girls, black girls, lingerie, big boobs, nice asses.

            Stop making out like black girls are getting some raw deal you moron.

      • kenton

        im sure u are quite the lady killer

        • Get real

          Try thejive.com pal

    • David

      I kinda like it this way. Go to another website if you don't like looking at this one.

      • Lovethechive

        Thank you! And we'll said!

    • Basement Dweller

      I think you missed #10. Although I'll admit they're seriously underrepresented.

      • kenton

        Yeah, David. I made it through a childhood in the suburbs and an ill-advised marriage to a 'Becky' (white woman…..very attractive i must say, not your typical busted menthol smoking trashy chick who dates black men) and now Im just realizing the true beauty of ALL women….not just the tri-delts and chi-o's…..if u get my drift.

        • FatMarc

          why does everything have to turn into a race issue. are we not mature enough to look past this shit. if you don't like what the chive shows, then don't look and don't complain!!

    • Wow

      Do you ever watch BET? You don't hear anybody complaining about that. Now if there was White Entertainment Television you would be up in arms. Quit complaining!

    • D_Sanchez

      Well yeah, this isn't the BET or soul train website

  • boylightning

    What could be better!?! A babe in lingerie with the bed waiting in the background and 2 tumblers of scotch on the table ready to get things warmed up!

    • take it off

      ya but she really doesn't look comfortable in that gear and she has a sweater on, what's with that?

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