Russian profile pics are what you would have expected (27 Photos)

  • blue_bronco

    Thank God for Russians. They offset the cats on the Internet.

    • TDH

      you've gone and done it. You just gave somebody the idea of making Russian cat pictures. It will be the beginning of the end.

  • Guntars

    What the fuck did I just see … Now you need to compenste it with things that bounce 😉

    • Poop Stain

      Ya I think the radiation has permanently fucked those people up.

      • nazi


  • Joe


  • hai

    My mind has been destroyed.

  • Barrymackokener

    the fuck russia??

  • Tyler P

    What has been seen cannot be unseen

  • gregsuarez

    When did Jersey move to Russia?

    • canucken

      Trust me, Russia is here in Jersey as well.

  • ZDK

    What's with the wings ?

  • @Trollfric

    The FUCK, Russia?

  • Connor

    Russia never fails to make fucked up pictures

  • Matt

    I think it's safe to say that the only way Russia could be a threat to our country is if they come and reproduce with our own.

    • Oleks

      Yeah… We've already started that.

  • FatMarc

    clearly copious amounts of vodka drinking going on here!!

  • ChodeLauncher

    #8 is hot

    • citsacras

      The person providing the face is a 13 year old boy. A fat 13 year old boy. What that says about our perceptions of beauty… no idea

  • SEA253

    Russia is quickly gaining on Japan as the most F-Ed up place on earth !

  • drugs

    what ever drugs they got over there we need to get to the usa haha

  • Loki

    That's enough of the internets for today.

  • Darksidechiver

    Yer fuck'n alright eh, Russia

  • Chiver

    You sure these are not people from Jersey?

  • Sport Royal

    Plot twist: #14 isn't photo shopped.

  • teslawasrobbed

    #20 So majestic!

  • Erikt

    Only in Russia… smh

  • zym

    Seems like the Russians are redneck Japanese.

  • The Junkman

    Yeah, this is cute. But for the truly weird let's see the Japanese take.

  • @julesmarie310

    What just happened here?! Maybe all Russians should be required to take a photoshop class before they get social media accounts to avoid the shop chops witnessed here today.

  • Lboogie13

    Decades of communist repression has led to very strange Russuan internets.

    • Lboogie13


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