• Steveo

    Katie Sunshine has some competition!

  • Aorata

    EPIC ending!

  • WaikikiWayne

    Can we please feature her in a bikini shoot?

  • Joe

    Annnnd- que the naked kid

  • TheVanityScore

    i did not see that coming

  • imdowngetme

    Challenge accepted.

  • Shoofly

    I LOL'd at the kid. Loudly. My coworkers looked over and wondered why there was a naked toddler on my screen.

  • nokka09

    Here is a SFW copy of Remy Lacroix showing her hoopin skills… Those with simple google skills can find the NSFW version very easily…

    • desertsteel

      Not Bad but katie still trips my trigger!

  • derp

    how is nobody talking about the naked baby video bomb in this video?

  • jonny

    Who cares about the naked baby… find her. Hopefully in the new England newly single chivette section next.

    • Iknowher!!

      She is an Ohio girl, sorry jonny!

  • TheBAMFinater

    Too many clothes on.

  • koop

    Can anyone tell me where the video came from I would love to know who this is.

  • 5.0

    MOAR!!! Very hot sexy. I also think all the hottie Hula Hoop girls should submit a new video to Chive and we all vote on who is the best of all. Any takers!?

  • anonamiss

    I wish I didn't have boobs so I could do this too. (ZING!)

  • Rick

    And while her man is at work…she has perfected the hula

  • TrippnHos

    Bitches can do this complicated shit but still can't punch with a proper closed fist to literally save their lives.

  • troy

    fookn awsome

  • xtrain

    That was incredible!!!

  • peter

    Someone should give her a sword or nun chucks.

  • koop

    Her name is Rachael. I won't say her last name but I do know her she has a you tube channel with a couple more hula vids

    • Iknowher!!

      I used to know a Koop…. koop189.

  • j green

    she needs a go pro on it!

  • desertsteel

    This girl is good….damn good. However, katie sunshine is damn good and really sexy when she hoops!

  • bevity

    It's definitely her thing!

  • Joe

    Shouldn't this go under your photobomb section – fuckin classic

  • HGR1374

    That was awesome!!

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