• DriveBy

    Bob has a stiffie.

  • IamTheViking

    Do it the same, but… Uhh…. MOAR!!!!

  • Tyler

    hahaha and boom naked baby


    Quite impressive! made even better because of the Macklemore's thrift shop in the background!

  • Morgan Brown

    just imagine how great it would be without the hula hoop….

  • p_rock

    This is fuckkin awwsommmme.

  • lfp

    You wanna see some good hula hooping??? Check this out!!

  • Simplesam

    Just gonna leave this here….

  • Nick

    You just know Christopher Nolan directed this video

  • stu

    dafuq?! why would you not edit out a naked child….

  • Rachael Lust

    Wow. Didnt expect to be on a site like this.

    • HetJamesfield

      You're awesome!

  • Rachaellust

    Thanks tho. Glad you liked. Check out my youtube channel….. Rachaellust

  • stu

    I want one.

  • Jezza67

    Remy LaCroix still wins.

  • zgl

    if she were wearing less clothes i could die happy. wtf was with the ending? LOL!

  • Ogie

    Not too bad, but Katie Sunshine is the bomb.

  • Juju Bee

    This sucks! Slow it down and make it sexy, like the LED girl. This, however, was not fun to watch at all.

  • DannoTheManno88
  • Keith_D

    The end made me really glad I wasn't touching myself…

    • Rachaellust


  • Just A. Jason

    White people….

  • indiandy

    Wow I loved it and I think I love her too she is a real mover !

  • Irish-Man

    So did we all watch this in the hopes of seeing boob?

  • AndySaximus

    watched fuzzy boots… Like this girl better.

  • Tim Hamilton

    Being good at the hula hoop is simar to being good at yo yo, magic and masterbating… you spend a lot of time alone playing with yourself.

  • Iknowher!!

    Holy hell… I dated this girl in school! If I would have knew she moved like that, I wouldn't have let her go…. fail!

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