Artists that inexplicably never won a Grammy (18 Photos)

This is baffling to me.
Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • @lackofabetter

    Taylor Swift has 7, unbelievable

  • Delta

    The Grammy's are a crock of shit, who cares?

  • Art

    lets see… #1 #5 #6 #7 #8 #13 #16 AND #17 ALL in my top 10 list of artist, comes to show that i know nothing about "grammy award winning music" that academy is a joke in my opinion.

  • tv_paul

    #4 Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley are issuing their own KISS Grammy that you can buy for only $299.99.

    • Hucks

      Cool, I can put it on my Kiss Koffee table!

  • TomFromQueens

    Nas has never won either, one of the greatest rappers of all time.

  • Fish

    That's because the Grammys are a fucking joke, just as the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame shouldn't be taken seriously. The Academy Awards are becoming the same way.

  • Hucks

    I'm sure Pete Townshend is really cut up over not winning a Grammy. "Fuck Grammy, I created Tommy."

  • justme

    Now I kind'a want Bieber to win a Grammy. He doesn't deserve to be in the same group as these legends.

  • StuffHobbes

    This just begs the question… "Who the HELL won?"

    • heywood jablowme

      no one of note.

  • hank

    Who cares.

  • @jenna_jelly

    League of their own

  • Peter

    This is a list of artists who don't need a Grammy to kick fucking ass! Grammy winners are all radio playing sell-outs anyway! #6 #7

  • JMeach

    just because they didn't win in the top categories means they never won? You know about half this list has won a lifetime achievement award from the Grammys…

  • Bill

    Cooler to be on this list than to have won a Grammy. Better Company!

  • Ryan

    #5 queen was voted band of the 80s yet never won a Grammy? Haha what a load of crap.

  • Powerfulweak

    I think the Simpsons summed it up best:

    Homer: Oh why won't anyone give me an award?
    Lisa: You won a Grammy.
    Homer : I mean an award that's worth something.
    [announcement on the bottom of the screen- Legal Disclaimer: Mr. Simpson's opinions do not reflect those of the producers, who don't consider the Grammy an award at all]

  • Guest

    Rush sucks.

    • joe moma

      hey, Rush isn't your mom

  • heywood jablowme

    and dafuk was up with the nominees in the rock performance catergory??!! Coldplay may be many things but a rock band ain't one of them. The only other one that came close to being a rock performer was Springsteen.

  • whoami

    The grammy's don't award good music and never have

  • f1junkie

    #5 #18 I like a lot of the bands on this list but queen and rush are the only two I would have expected to win a grammy. Kiss is the most popular no talent band there ever was.

  • Sweet_Lew

    Grammy's are a joke.

  • Prettyswellguy

    All of these awards shows are about money and who made the most. They have nothing to do with who actually should win an award, and there should be no awards for your profession. I mean when was the last time you nominated your server/bartender for "server/bartender of the year" or some other useless award. I hate these shows more then angry cat hates everything else

  • Your Mama

    Meh, who gives a shit…

  • Juan R

    Don't worry – thay would all win today. Today it's about making everyone feel better, so everyone wins.

    One more thing … … … KISS not really inexplicable, they weren't that good – 'course everyone's good after they beak up. Heck I event like disco now, but I hated it when it was "in".

  • KCooperCO

    I feel like this list destroys the credibility of the award.

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