Artists that inexplicably never won a Grammy (18 Photos)

This is baffling to me.
Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • Nachooooooooooooo

    Grammys are a joke…

  • VHF

    The true Van Halen led by David Lee Roth never won a Grammy either which is just sad since they are the greatest American rock band of all time.

    I couldn't care less about the Sammy years, that isn't Van Halen.

  • Josh

    #3 Gratest band ever. Their music transcends any recognition the lame Grammys could ever "give" The Dead.

  • P.rick

    #2 The Who – the first punk band, bar none! So much angst, so many guitars smashed! Awesome!
    #5 Queen – pure musical genius…and rock 'n' roll's greatest loss!
    #7 Led Zeppelin – only good 'cause everyone was too stoned to know what actual talent was!
    Bring on the haters!
    #15 Ramones – punk before those prats, the Sex Pistols, even knew where their cocks were!
    Hello Joey, hello Johnny, hello Dee Dee…still missed, every day! R.I.P.
    #17 Rush – Canada's national treasure, and our gift to the musical world…you're welcome!
    Btw, Geddy Lee uses Justin Bieber as toilet paper!

    You can add Motörhead to the list, as they have carried the true rock 'n' roll flag for almost 40 years!
    Lemmy is your uncle – he's everybody's uncle!!

    • P.rick

      Sorry, meant to say #18 – Rush

    • firstbeach

      That's okay most everyone stopped reading when you trashed led zep

  • B-to-the-H

    That is very inexplicable indeed. Hopefully they all get lifetime achievement ones or something in the future.

  • Jo Lu

    this is the proof that grammys just fucking suck cock

    • dan

      Hell yeah. Fat black sweaty subway riding homeless cock.

  • bradk

    So whats the point of the grammys then?

    • dan

      Its an ass kissing contest.

  • dan

    Nothing good about the grammys. I can't even stand the news about it the day after. Timberlake, you're better than that. Don't sink to their level.

  • Moz

    Exactly why the Grammys mean nothing, this list proves it. Except rush, they blow goats

  • twoedges

    Diana Ross had a lot of bangers back in the 70's. The grammys is a popularity contest, really surprised she didn't win one.

  • Red

    The Grammy's are a joke except for seeing Katy Perry's huge, huge tits.

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #5 #7 Queen and Led Zepplin are the only ones on this list I think worthy of a Grammy. Though I don't give a shit about award shows. Haven't watched Grammy's, Oscar's, Emmy's, etc. for years.

  • Dick Large

    Run DMC, Donna Summer and Tupac don't deserve a Grammy. Sorry, but they don't.

    Queen, Zep, Rush and The Who, however, are among the best artists of their time. Amazing to think they've never won. And Hendrix? Wow.

    Goes to show that the Grammies, like the R&R Hall of Fame, are a joke.

  • crazydog

    1. Best guitarist ever is randy rhoads. Second best is jimi. SRV was a ridiculously good hendrix follower
    2. the grammy is as irrelevant as rolling stone magazine

  • realfann

    I'm sure Hendrix lost a lot of sleep over it.

  • Trez

    And never should. The most over-rated band ever.

  • jail1me

    Like them all

    … but

    What's Grammy?

  • jpan

    #4 #18 #17 u kidding right?

  • crazydog

    Oh, and while kiss has made a lot of reasonably entertaining music, the reason they lasted as long as they did is because it was still possible to shock people at the beginning of their career and no band has EVER been better self promoters, EVER. Its really funny to hear them called metal; they were never more than a good blues-rock bar band.

  • Shpledy

    Hmm, there are definitely more undeserving groups here than those that deserve. And a bunch have been nominated, but it's definitely odd how Zep, the Who, Queen, and Rush haven't won. Even retroactively or something. They'll all get lifetime achievement grammys one day. Rush is the greatest band of all time btw.

  • Oilfieldtrash76

    #11 Get drunk, high, and scream into a microphone. Definitely not Grammy material.

  • bizarrogreg

    #12 This upsets me greatly…

  • DriveBy

    Bob is mediocre.

  • sean

    kiss doesnt belong up here with the rest of these musical geniuses

  • Nanook

    #7 I had forgotten how good Nancy Wilson is on acoustic guitar.

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