Artists that inexplicably never won a Grammy (18 Photos)

This is baffling to me.
Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • Chris Elrod

    Rush DID win a Grammy for the instrumental "YYZ" from the "Moving Pictures" album.

  • Keef

    I teared up while reading this. Damn…

  • Schwinsteiga

    Goes to show that the Grammy's don't mean shit except a trophy of an obsolete devise for playing music.

  • breaklance

    I lost respect for the grammy's when that song from Twilight beat Mumford and Sons for best rock song, but now I'm angry at them. But then…grammy's did give us Katy Perry. Then again there are a bajillion images of Perry's pair so yeah Angry!!!

  • kswami

    forgot about nas

  • cjay

    #4 Hell Ya. KISS. #14 My opinion the best heavy metal group ever GUNS'N'ROSES.

    • GNR?

      I don't think you know what heavy metal is.

  • Julian Jackson

    Cannot believe this!

  • JP1

    Grammy "Awards" are bogus anyway. They are based on "sales" numbers that can be rigged. Just record companies congratulating themselves on their creations. In my world, musical longevity is what matters. Like them or not, most of these folks have transcendent talent that will outlive them. Beiber may have a Grammy but he'll be Leif Garret in 10 years.

  • J. Adams

    Here's why: none of them gave a sh*t about useless bullsh*t like the Grammy's.

  • Guy

    We all know that the Grammy's don't mean shit, right??

  • Maximus

    I agree, bullshit!

  • iskra9

    Don't actually think any of them would give a fuck ..

  • Billy

    Just like Kiss snubbed by the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". There are acts inducted I've never heard of and yet Kiss is still not in there,

  • Rod Vives

    Nas has also never won a Grammy.

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