• wellthatsnice

    someone got their cat high

  • Force Kin

    bloody cats

  • GuntherSquirrel

    @ :17 i have a cat that look almost the same…. Long haired ginger…. gives me that same look all the time… Bastards plotting my demise, I know it!

  • Delta

    Ohhhh a cat doing nothing, inform the media!

    Keep Calm, Suck On

  • Gary Anderson

    super high cat

  • sfb101

    The cat pissed because he's not watching the Sharks…

    • Stephen

      My cats are huge fans of the sharks…

  • archiguy

    that cat is so stoned

  • Rebekah

    I think it's funny that his name is Dave.

  • explorataur

    That cat has been hot boxing his human way too much.

  • DatCat

    Pets with human names gain instant "like" with me.

  • Sancho

    Ewww a hockey team named after a Disney movie?!?! No thanks. It's obvious that Dave wants to watch the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angles Kings! Duh….

    • BrewCrew

      All cats enjoy Bruins…it's science.

    • Joseph

      yeah especially when they lose to the wings with 4 seconds left.

  • Canucks_Rule

    dave is so ripped.

  • RandomPerson24

    I see cats have more interest in hockey than people

  • tarted

    cat people…

  • Shpledy

    Go Jets go!

  • http://www.tumblr.com/blog/simon-co CMS

    That look the cat gives him before slowly moving his head back to the screen is perfect.

  • Squidward

    "Dave the cat starts to fall asleep while facing the TV and it kinda looks like he is watching it so I sent it into the Chive."

    • Andrew


  • Jenkzilla

    So this is what cats do when there not buying boats

  • yermon


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