Everything is true (38 Photos)

  • Aorata

    #20 is in Caracas Venezuela, that hole could render your car useless, or it could swallow your motorcycle.
    The sign is fake though.

  • AnyoneForCoffee


    Well, that explains Scotland.

    • ILikeBlondesWithBig

      Scottish girls and Northern England girls are hot.

  • SirCtheIII

    #22 T-zone is definitely going into my daily vocabulary. Now I just have to learn how say it without sounding like a douche.

    • It'sFrenchForShower

      Can't be done.

  • Bob

    #6 Take it Gamestop is shit, we have Game here which is just as much a ripoff. Trade in 3 newish games to get a few quid off a new release. I don't think so.

    #17 Miss Piggy sings better too

  • Josh

    HAHAHAHAHA, *inhales* HAHAHAHAHAH…yes, the chive promotes a from of rape in a picture of a shirt from 1970..you guessed it.. holy shit people…

  • OhioChiver

    #31 True words there.

  • Craig

    Old VCR's would self-rewind, then shut off, and TV's used to default to a loud-ass static. Woke me up numerous times.

  • gingergreek

    #21 Real men play Rugby

    • Beardstache

      . . .sure they do . . .

    • notevenclose

      that's a load of frittata

  • Telephone Man

    #29: Funny as hell. This is flat-out awesome.

  • Stumpy

    #38 I did that once. Those bastards move a lot faster than you think.

  • Troy

    #27 Racism – only funny when it's white people

    • Fair Is Fair In Love

      Really. I guess it would be okay if it was a pic of a ghetto with the words, Black children are so, "I love my life"…

  • Seldi84

    #14. Sounds about right.
    #33 made me laugh

  • Kato

    #37 This. Seriously. Swords are more honorable and takes skill to wield than guns.

    • Kaelin

      Have you ever shot a gun? Hitting something besides paper takes skill, hitting someone with a sword can be done with no training.

  • H.

    There's this little thing called math where multiplication and division are the same thing.

    • failed sarcasm

      There's this little thing called retarded where you and your post are the same thing.

  • hippie

    the Chive? classy? funny, HELL YEA! twisted, you bet! sexy, quite often! …but classy…they are only slightly more classy than your senseless comment, (though MUCH more interesting), …and in case you didn't notice, there's nothing remotely connected to rape in that picture–only in your obviously demented mind.

  • Pete

    #16 this is why I'm so proud of my heritage

  • dragon rider

    Mitch! #38

  • John

    #1 toothpastefordinner, cmon credit where credit is due

  • DannoTheManno88

    #38 Love this!

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