It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (28 Photos)

  • Sarah

    #7 oh I love the doctor

  • Alabaster Shagnasty

    #3 Total sausagefest…no bush!

  • phil

    This was the lamest f*ckin post ever. Did you make these up last minute or something?

  • HatesGlee

    #22 Thank you, its about time these get made

  • Anomanom

    #6 Forever alone.

  • Louie

    #3 they are all democrat. Some liberal probably painted it.

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  • Lou

    #7 What movie is this?

    • Merritt

      Doctor Who. It's a TV series that started in the 60s that stays dead as well as the Doctor himself. Don't worry though, you're actually cooler not knowing what it is. I've been forced to see about all of them with my girlfriend and her gay best friend <—- That alone tells you how terrible this series was, is, and will be.

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