Life’s tough, get a dog (49 Photos)

  • MissChris

    #14 Stoned, happy chihuahua is ready for his taco bell. (hungry, happy, sleepy!)

  • Oaken

    More #23

    More of 23 Seattle rocks.


    is funny.

  • @joepanfil

    Hey fellow chivers, I'm trying to raise money for my rescue dog Hayley who was overbred, and abused. If you can spare anything check out my go fund me link. KCCO.

  • Chivette

    #20 um you really shouldn't 'shame' your dog for being sick. That's not cool.
    #47 glad to see this guy got some lovin and nursed back to health

    • ron

      I agree on the chihuahua…. getting sick and throwing up isn't like chewing up your shoe or being bad in some other way.

  • jamie

    #27 #39 Pitbull snack in 3…2….1..

  • Hazel

    My life is tough due in part to my giant A-hole beast dog. Cat's rule dogs drool (although my cats are both A-holes too these days)

    • bzzzzzzz

      A-hole behavior on the part of a dog is the failure of the owner.

      If you want an awesome dog you have to be an awesome owner. Put in some effort to train it.

      • abby

        1+ this is so true. Be a great owner, get a great dog.

  • imdowngetme

    Hooray for pits!! #27 #39 #44

    • Pits are the tits!

      Pittie Pride!!

      Lots of pups (not just pitties) at the shelter need a second chance, please think about rescuing a dog before buying one!

      • Ambersweets

        #44 is a rescued pittie ❤

    • Cletus

      I rescue them and then donate them to Michael Vick. They are a useless breed with NO redeeming qualities. Douchbags and wannabe thugs are the primary owners.

  • I don't know


    Is it just me or does a German Shepard named Rommel scream skin head?


    "Have you ever seen when a pitbull bits a chihuahua?" Money mike Friday after next.

    • Idk

      My bad #9

    • joeybastardo

      No chief. Skinheads arent nazi fuckfaces. Neo-Nazi trash are nazi fuckfaces. In Skin terms we call them Boneheads. Skins originated in England with lower class white and Jamaicans who got together after work to blow off steam(get drunk) and watch football. Sorry for ranting but, this misinformation pisses me off to no end.

  • blue_bronco

    Best game ever

  • LOL U Mad?

    #20 How about you feed your dog propperly pendejo/a

  • Brandon

    What is the breed of dog in number 7.

  • jmk

    #25 great dogs

  • nope.

    did you guys take the day off? get with it. post some content you lazy fucks.

  • Jnosam

    Number 43 shadow looks like yoda! Anyone else see it?

  • jai

    #28 please find her!

  • OutDoorFuzzy

    #8 #10 #23 #27 #42 #44 All VERY tempting and jealous making for a guy like me, and #42 is exactly true.

  • erikhart

    #26 EPIC DERP!!!

  • wigglepants

    #47 yaaaaay!

  • Doggystyle

    #49, the reason cats suck

    • who cares

      The reason cats rock

  • David

    I sure hope the purse belonged to her mother.
    Otherwise, the parents will just go out and buy another one for the spoiled child.

  • Tommmyv

    #26 still hotter than the Russian Barbie

  • Canucks_Rule

    #13 – best buddies.

  • MrPeddycord

    #32 is really funny

  • Big Mo

    Number 42 because fuck cats!

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