The DIRECTV Genie: Hannah Davis (24 Photos)

You've all seen the stunning girl in the new DIRECTV commercials. Her name is Hannah Davis and she's blowing up at the moment for good reason. Enjoy...

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Hanna’s Twitter Machine.

  • WOW

    #3 #11 Those EYES!!

    • wolfdogfoxcat

      …those lips.

    • whyme1973

      They can melt your soul. Beautiful.

  • AsherNYC

    She is also banging Derek Jeter

    • blue_bronco

      Fuck him

      • HUH?

        yes, thats another way to say it too. also, knocking boots, making the beast with 2 backs, shagging, the list goes on…..

        • blue_bronco

          Ride the skin boat to tuna town, take the dog for a walk, giving the dog a bath etc

    • VedHead77

      "Putting the wood to her" and going "balls deep" also apply quite nicely in this case.

      • hmmm

        i hope she's not the one going balls deep…

    • YOYO

      Just add her to list of all his other conquests!!!

      • Tony

        Who has a better hit list jeter or dicaprio?

        • Jack


    • @BuckeyeEmpire

      She looks like the DirecTV gypsy in those commercials… at least these look good. I wonder how many gift baskets she's gotten from Jeter now… if you dont know what Im talking about… google it and prepare to laugh.

    • Holmespump

      Which means she now has herpes.

  • Measiah

    She's ok I'd say 90% of the chicer tea are hotter

    • Messiah


      • Effu

        Kissass – that's simply not true

    • earl grey

      Where is this chicer tea you speak of ?

      • dbcooper

        on the chicago el

  • awww shit

    without motivational posters how am i motivated to scroll

  • southfan

    #22 Duck face redefined

    • Hood

      This is the first time I've ever seen the duck face actually look hot!

    • sir_w00tzalot

      her mouth looks like a tense asshole.

  • himz

    #15 #18 and #19

  • whoami

    Meh. Nothing special

    • Concerned Chiver

      Fuck you.

    • Blue bronco

      The Hardee's/Carl's Jr. fish sandwich chic is way hotter.
      Nina Agdal

    • TNchiver

      Watch out Johnny, you gotta bad ass commenting under you! And I agree, nothing great here.

      • Jack Wagon

        I think she looks alot better in the commercials.

  • sfb101

    #14 The eyes have it!

  • Huell

    #3 Hot, no doubt… But she's got that crazy bitch look in her eyes!

    • ThunderKCCO

      they are usually the most fun in the sack so I'm completely ok with it

    • Del

      Shes a woman, thats redundant

    • Kevrhutch

      All girl are crazy bitches

  • bonedaddy

    I am sensing she is a little nuts

  • Matt

    #11 matte her eyes up like a sick kitten

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 – hello!!

  • Slamwich

    Moon of my life..

  • Jonathan

    Thanks thank thank you for this post. Frankly, this is the hottest girl on the planet. I hate when those commercials come on, because I only know it's going to make me depressed about everything else I see.

  • Alex

    #17 #23 #24 Looks good!

  • Effu

    Looks a lot like Fiona Apple

    • Incognegro

      I had the same response.

    • drewplp

      I was trying to think of that name. Good call.

      • soundsright

        More Valeria Golino than Ms. Apple I think…

        • DeepestBlue2

          Definitely more Fiona Apple.

  • tv_paul

    #18 Genie huh, I'd like to rub her the right way.

  • Bewbs

    #18 looks like she has nips the size of dinner plates!

    • FIdel

      You say that like it's a bad thing

    • She's Okay I Guess

      #18 I don't see that… maybe you're mistaking the different shades of her bra.

  • IrishInNJ

    Shamless promotion…theChive is getting less real and "girl next door" every week.

  • bcanddc

    She's cute but does have a little tinge of crazy in there somewhere. There are MANY, MANY regular Chivettes who I find much hotter frankly.

  • HittinHedges

    She's like a Fiona Apple/Olsen Twins hybrid.

    • Gir

      Fiona Apple plus tits minus the voice

    • Head Chef

      I thought that from the first pic. Maybe just the wavy hair?

      • :O scary

        you forgot /vampire

  • Enzo Manwich

    I think she is the sexiest thing at the moment!!!
    #8 #10

    She is the reason countries go to war

    • Red

      I've had better…

  • SOhioChiver

    I think this calls for a visit to the chive office for a proper photo shoot!
    and teach here #21 No Duckface!

    • Jawbone

      I think this calls for you to go suck dry What's His Name.

  • ChiveApprentice

    Shes the newest recipient of Jeter's parting gift basket.

    Jeter and Leo D should be every man's heroes.

  • KatyPerry

    #1 ILike

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