The DIRECTV Genie: Hannah Davis (24 Photos)

You've all seen the stunning girl in the new DIRECTV commercials. Her name is Hannah Davis and she's blowing up at the moment for good reason. Enjoy...

Hanna's Twitter Machine.

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Hanna’s Twitter Machine.

  • Mike

    I've certainly woke up next to worse looking girls, but she's not great.

  • Macro

    Dead plastic face. No thanks.

  • wanker

    shes got fapabilitie

  • Hollyhood5150

    She looks a little downsie.

  • Rod Farva

    I think the wife in the commercial is hotter.

  • Jamie

    #13 #22 Quack Quack Quack !!! #18. Puffy Nips

  • freezer boy

    #10 Gotta luv Hannah.

  • jhonpoul

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  • SD_Scott

    Mind it… #10 #12 #20 #23 #24

  • doe


  • chivette

    wow you guys really have the highest standards. I think she is breathtaking and unique looking. 4 at best 5?? I'd like to see the girls that you bring home and see if they even come close to her.

  • The obvious

    #17- absolutely stunning. No bones poking out from malnutrition, no over developed muscles(which is disgusting by the way), and no ridiculously big stupid looking fake breasts. She looks like a mix between Fiona Apple and Claire Forlani.

    • DayTrader

      You must really know how to charm a woman…. "No bones poking out from malnutrition"…..if only there were a few more American girls that could live up to those standards.

  • Tomb_Raider

    The girl is stunning, but the dress they put her in #1 I hate

  • Jason
  • waltgator

    #23 thats a great bikini!

  • chivettelover

    Those eyes…. those boobs wait none, those curves…wait none. Those eyes!

  • Cthomp

    Call me gay but I don't see anything special here!! Not that pretty

  • Guest

    This girl definitely does it for me. Lots say Fiona Apple. I say cross between Fiona and early Chasey Lain.

  • chris

    WAIT A GOD DARN MIN. you mean to tell me that wasnt an olsen twin in the commercial!?!?!?

  • PiotrXC

    Meh, seen way better chivettes.

  • too funny

    looks like a healthier version of fiona apple

  • Harrison

    No doubt in my mind that this girl is on opiates a lot. That small pupil look, especially in low light with blue eyes, is a dead give away. Yeah it makes you have crazy ass eyes, I would know. There's nothing good about it though.

  • DayTrader

    I'm buying Dish Network stock if this is the coked out whore that DirectTV is betting on.

  • DayTrader

    Uh…..where are her tits?

  • Paul

    Butter face!

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