The DIRECTV Genie: Hannah Davis (24 Photos)

You've all seen the stunning girl in the new DIRECTV commercials. Her name is Hannah Davis and she's blowing up at the moment for good reason. Enjoy...

Hanna's Twitter Machine.

Hanna's Instagram.

Hanna’s Twitter Machine.

  • gs425


  • lexluthr

    #22, #13 and #11 just about put me over the edge.. I would do wonderful things to those lips.. Angelina just went down a peg in my book

  • Juiced1

    When the commercials come I have to pretend like I'm not drooling. Tuff to do some times. Now I need to get a gig as a short stop for the Yankees and knock out 3000 hits.

  • Sisel

    #13 She looks like a really annoying cunt

  • Weird

    Looks a lot like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from Transformers 3

  • 3 fan

    #17 and #19 appears to have a great push up bra or some augmentation?

  • Stuart

    She is also in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Kinda reminds me of Fiona Apple… except stable, and with boobs….

  • Rubberbandman

    Sexy bod & gorgeous eyes

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