• Manel

    This is funny? This guy is a douche, in my opinion…

  • KailuaChiver

    The last one proves it, in Russia the prank, pranks you

  • Pete

    This is Gold! The umbrella was the best part

  • Guest-o

    funnier if they included the inevitable beatings

  • Christian M.

    I agree that the guy is a giant douche, but this video did make me laugh.

  • Alberta

    Lol I've never laughed so hard at a prank video! Too funny

  • Dan

    What the hell is in the water in Russia?

  • wyfair

    thats not funny at all.

  • Me not You

    Anyone know if this for a russian tv show? Or is this a guy who needs to take his medication?

  • J-Z

    i love how it ended

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