User submit: Ashley's good lookin' and she can build your house (25 Photos)

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  • whyme1973

    #6 #19 #21 #24 You are beautiful. Would love to see more from you, thank you for sharing.

  • notional

    Haha, I'm at Fort Polk too with 4-10. I think I might have seen her around a few times. But she should round up some engineer buddies and come destroy my barracks. Literally. Safety reasons and all. Then maybe they can put us in buildings suitable for human habitation.

  • ashley

    Lol i wish i could bc i would destroy my barracks as well!!!

  • Guam_Bomb

    And they say the AF has all the hot women. DAUM GURL!

  • notional

    Ghetto over by the bowling alley? The only things missing from that place are oil drum fires and homeless people.

  • derp

    From one PFC to another, she is a little hottie!

  • notionally

    this attempt to scam money from me earns zero out of a possible 10 points. I honestly didn't think that they were still this blatant about it. HOW CAN YOU EVER EXPECT TO BECOME SELF AWARE IF YOU CAN'T SCAM MONEY FROM PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET, SKYNET?!

  • Everett_chiver


  • monkeyv01

    Seriously, I can't be the only person what wants to know the story behind #13.

    • Ryan

      moulage for an exercise I would say.

  • ashley

    Lol it was a field exercise where i was role playing a victim

  • bob

    #22 I LOVE FORT POLK!!!!!!!!

  • notionally

    You might want to talk to behavioral health about that

  • Luke_Skywalker

    #6 #21 because bewbs

  • ashley

    Bob u must be crazy lol

  • george

    ashley, hottest soldier i've ever seen. And I was engaged to one when I was in. You put all the ladies in the army to shame.

  • ashley

    thank you George!!

    • George

      Anytime sweetheart. Thank you for your service. What's a hottie like you doing in the army? (If you don't mind me asking). Hit me up. Anrhomesandconsulting(at)gmail(dot)com. What are planning on doing after the army? I was a combat medic 11 years ago. Now I'm a project manager in construction at 29.

  • Leroy


    • Hammer

      Fuck you, you fucking racist fuck. KCCO.

    • 25thID

      HaHa, she's playing in the mud, literally and figuratively!

  • ashley

    Actually that's my friends husband and grow thell hell up

  • CincyGuy

    Wow, what a hottie!

  • TheManicMike91

    This is seriously some basic training ass shit. Fucking POG's…

  • Dee

    Reminds me how a lot of the women is definitely one thing I miss about the military… along with the different people you meet from all over & places you get to see.

  • Zilla

    Haha I never thought i'd see "asscandie" on the chive. Thats awesome.

  • ashley

    Zilla who are u lol

    • Zilla

      Buddy's cousin Zach haha I wen't into the army before you i'm actually getting ready to get out.

  • sirchivesalot


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