A few Valentines Day cards that are sure to get you laid (28 Photos)

via Tumblr.

  • BWade

    #18 1) Finds a valentine 2) Breaks up with said valentine 3) Writes 'hit' song 4) Profit

  • ajp

    #23 should say "2Chainz 9 Inchez"

  • 209_CHIVER

    "Valentines day cards to get you laid" a post coming from Mac Faulkner. see how well that worked out for him. haha.

  • CapnMFingPlanet

    Im sitting here trying my hardest to figure out why the 2 chainz one made me laugh the hardest 😀

  • Silverstone

    "Imma"? Really? What the fuck does the Swedish word for 'steam' have to do with Valentine's Day???

  • Lana

    guess which one my lovely chiver boyfriend sent me XD

  • Dapper_Dave

    #20 UGH! I'm so tired of getting this card!

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