Anybody have a sweet tooth for chocolate? (71 Photos)

This just made my stomach so horny…

  • rAs

    It was surprisingly easy to masturbate to this.

  • TheFrontier

    #1 #10 I think Bob might be pregnant

  • Lourika Reinders Photography

    This post was waaaay too long, it was torture!! I think I cried a little bit!!

  • Big Bad B

    I kind of fap'ed to this

  • Kyle

    #1 does it for me. No need to go further.

  • DaveF

    You know, Chive, you give us these posts of truly epic foodstuffs, but never the recipes. Not even the names of these things so we can look up the recipes ourselves.

  • Tyler

    Damn you Chive……now I gotta get me some of that…all of that.

  • Willy wonka

    I just visually contracted diabetes

  • Dapper_Dave

    #10 #60 Give my mouth a boner

  • Pete

    Wake and bake and now this…oh Chive. You know me so well
    #12 #23

  • Sue

    Mother of God. It's making my mouth water.

  • QueenBoudica


  • nerd

    much of this looks like poo

  • Shay

    #5 I think this one is my fave… but #25 and #29 are a close second…

  • Type1t

    I'm diabetic you asshole

  • bradk

    Great! Now I have diabetes.

  • JTV

    #63 please.

  • JimmySmits

    Wow, my stomach wants to bang all of these, hard

  • Rose

    When you click on a picture, there should be a link to a recipe. 'cause WOW.

  • Space Melon

    Way to make a man feel like he's on his period, Chive.

  • SJay

    And I'll happily make it for any Chivette in Sydney.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Oh my damn

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