Get low, get down, get dirty…and have a good time (36 Photos)

  • James


  • Matt

    #27 is sooo hot!!!

    • G_Had

      Even after a clown bukkake.

  • sfb101

    #4 Broke back mountain 2 "Butt Crack Dome"

    • lat297

      "Return to Butt Crack Dome" – that's where Ms Turner is hiding out nowadays…

  • I'm a Girl

    #28 What a dick

    • McLovin

      That's what she said

      • jasgat66

        You guys are nuts… Knock it off.

  • baddbuzz

    I am laffing way to hard . . #10 High 5 bro . .

    • Wantomas

      Eiffel Tower….you're doing it wrong

      • kooshbox

        this was the best thing ever

  • boob_cuddler

    #34 yes

    • FiN

      "You are required to maneuver straight down this trench and skim the surface to this point. The target area is only two meters wide. It's a small thermal exhaust port, right below the main port. The shaft leads directly to the reactor system. A precise hit will start a chain reaction which should destroy the station. Only a precise hit will set off a chain reaction."

      • TheBAMFinater

        I don't you want that chain reaction. Would go with impact on the surface instead.

      • Gir

        That's impossible! Even for a computer.

        • Duke

          It's not impossible. I used to bull's-eye womp rats in my T-16 back home. They're not much bigger than two meters.

    • Dick

      That tat is gonna look real nice after two kids!

      • AndySaximus

        Honestly, if the stomach doesn't look good with the tat, it probably won't look good without it.

  • Bhodi

    #3 What will Kevin McCallister come up with next?

  • pritter72

    #10 and #18
    The best!

  • lat297

    #5 32,000 + deaths per year in the USA, but of course it wasn't the gun, it was the person. I think the gun helped though; just shouting 'BANG' loudly won't take down many citizens…

    • Crazy Gun Nut

      You sir (or ma'am), are quite foolish:

      1. You can't blame a tool for the user's actions. A murder will kill with whatever tool available, firearm or not.

      2. theChive is not the place for politicking.

      • Crazy Gun Nut

        "murderer" oops

      • lat297

        If you don't want politicking, don't respond with your point of view; it only encourages me.

        You are absolutely correct in everything you say, sir. However, your argument is poor. Guns give cowards an excellent means with which to kill may people from a safe distance with no chance of the other person defending themselves unless they too have a gun, thus perpetuating the point of view that increased propagation of guns within a community somehow makes it safer.

        But from the outside looking in, the USA doesn't look safe. Nearly 16,000 homicides last year, and nearly 70% of those were using firearms. The suicide rate's pretty average (and accounts for 2/3 of all firearm deaths), but compare your 16,000 homicides (11,000 using guns) to 438 homicides (134 with firearms) for France and it paints a different picture to the one you're talking about…

        I guess then you would need to look at where that freakishly huge number of homicides comes from and find out what the problem seems to be…

        • Lyrex

          Actually, the US is one of the safest places with regard to guns. If you take the number of deaths per 100,000 guns, the US is one of the safest countries in the world. I believe Switzerland is safer but not too many more.

          • Irish-Man

            That was pretty dumb logic you used.

    • David

      When guns are outlawed, I WILL become a criminal!

      NOT giving them up.

    • Hot Damn

      Yes blame the spoon for the fat persons weight. You obviously can't understand simple logic. Fail for you good sir.

      • lat297

        Was referring to guns, not the comment on spoons, that's just spurious reasoning.

        • Hot Damn

          But the spoon statement is the exact same logic to say guns are the problem as oppose to say, a violent society, or untreated lunatics, ect. You want to focus on the tool and pretend it will fix everything. Like if a suicidal person suddenly didnt have a gun they wouldn't just go find a bridge? Or gangs will stop trying to kill each other without guns. yeah right.

          • Mr Logic

            Right. Guns don't kill people. People with guns kill people.

            • Better Logic

              Really? You mean no one has ever killed anyone else with a knife? or a car? or poison? or with a baseball bat? or with their fists? or their feet? or with piano wire? or rope? or arson? or a pipe?

              • lat297

                Of course you are right… but if a dude goes into a school with a knife how many people do you think he'll kill before he's wrestled to the floor?

                Now give him an assault rifle and a shotgun…

                • Better Logic

                  How many kids could a "dude" kill if he tries to attack a school that has armed security or armed teachers in the school? The new has many stories of shooters getting stoped after hurting only 1 or fewer people when they are confronted by armed citizens.

                  • lat297

                    what a lovely society you talk of. My kids go to school in the UK where there's not one security guard, metal detector or anything. we live in a normal area and it's not a private school.

                    That's my idea of normal.

                    • Steve

                      Keep your opinion in the UK then; our countries already had this talk some time ago and yours was sent home

                    • AnyoneForCoffee

                      Don't waste your breath with these balloons, my friend.

                      Anyone who thinks that having armed guards outside every school, cinema, shopping complex etc. is the way to a civilised society is a lost cause.

                      Anyone who thinks kids should be taught in schools where all the teachers are carrying weapons while they teach is a lost cause.

                      Anyone who thinks that a street fight, a bar brawl or even road rage will be better off when one or all of the belligerents are armed is a lost cause.

                      Anyone who cannot comprehend the simple fact that criminals are less likely to carry guns if there is less chance that they will encounter armed resistance (as has been shown in all countries where strict gun controls have been introduced) is a lost cause.

                      Anyone who thinks that returning to the 'Wild West' days of widespread gun ownership will not reproduce the endemic murder rate is a lost cause.

                      Anyone who thinks that carry guns will "defend their freedoms" is most certainly a lost cause.

                      All of the UK supported the strict gun controlsafter the Dunblane killings in the 1997 (all private gun ownership became illegal) . As a result, last year saw 18 people shot dead in the entire UK in an entire year.

                      More children were shot dead at Sandy Hook in one morning.

                      Don't waste your breath with them. They are a lost cause.

                    • AndySaximus

                      The two biggest differences between the US and other countries are our population and our boarder with one of the most volatile countries in the world. It's always baffling when people try to equate the UK to the US; A fraction of the population (312 to 63 million) with no direct borders with other countries except northern and southern Ireland.

                    • lat297

                      UK (2011):
                      62,000,000 people
                      155 deaths

                      US (2011):
                      310,000,000 people
                      32,163 deaths

                      Even if you multiple our UK stats by 10, you get 620 million people and 1550 deaths, which is still 20 times less than the USA figure.

                      So lets move on to the Mexico bit of your argument: you have a border, don't you?

                • Anonymous

                  How can you keep arguing for your side when you've told the people you're arguing with that they're right more than once. If they are right then you can't be.

                  Also, if someone is pissed off enough to take a life I don't think they give a damn what gun laws are or are not in effect. They just need to make everyone accountable for every gun legally sold in the US

    • Edumucation

      Be educated…. All research shows, gun control does absolutely nothing to deter crime or gun crime… lets go with some simple you can understand like using drugs as an example, we see how well that works too.

      • lat297

        Don't be offensive – I did nothing to you. And I don't take drugs, so I don't like your insinuation.

        By the way, isn't it easy to say things about other posters when you hide behind an anonymous account. I have an opinion, voice it, and welcome intelligent debate. That's what educated people do. You on the other hand, seem to think that saying negative things about the individual is the way forwards. Maybe the smoking gun of society's undoing is a little closer to home than you think…

        • Edumucation

          The only thing negative I said was you were wrong, which is the truth, addressing guns isn't the answer… as all past gun legislation research has shown and current ban zones like Chicago. I can see how you inferred by my drug comment it was negative, it was only negative in the light they are illegal as well and it stops no one really, criminals will continue to use guns and laugh at legislation like this because they don't care. We don't even enforce the laws we have now.

          You also forget the 8-10 mass shooting stopped in the past few years by legal gun action. Research it, research Isreali schools where all teachers carry guns and 0 incidents since. Research the stopped shooting since Sandy Hook that were kept out of national news.

          It is easy to bandwagon in the wake of such tragedy, but hammers kill more people than assault weapons each year. Cigarettes kill more than all guns, etc, etc, etc….

          A worthy cause would be something that actually makes sense and is accurate and factual… How about government corruption, or government inaction driving our country more in debt, or the entire population getting pretty tired of government dysfunction and look around the world at the upheaval and say with a clear conscience this is "only" about the kids and nothing about government power or political positioning.

          Also read and be educated on the links I sent from Forbes, the research done for the first gun ban legislation that was lifted because it has 0 impact on gun crime or mass shootings.

          • lat297

            So by saying "lets go with some simple you can understand like using drugs" you're not suggesting I can only understand simple things, nor are you insinuating that the subject of drugs is something I might relate to more easily?

            I must confess your use of language is a little odd.

            As for the Forbes study, yes I am aware of that. Being educated means not taking one study as fact though, so I do question your scientific method.

            • Edumucation

              Again, my sarcastic use of language aside, drugs is a wide example of something that is illegal that has little to no impact on it's usage.

              And once again, show me examples of gun control that works by taking them away:
              Chicago, ha
              England, at one time I would agree it did have an impact as it was hard to get one for criminals but the increase by 35% last year of gun crime would tend to show it is starting to break down.

              I had a few examples and I have read hundreds on both sides, there is gun legislation that makes sense like making people actually responsible for their actions, background checks for all gun sales, private or otherwise…

              Any examples of research that show taking the guns from law-abiding citizens (the only ones that will turn them in) lowers crime? What about the studies that conclusively show all violent crime down in states that passed right to carry laws (concealed carry)?

      • Hurricane Harri

        Sorry Dude, Flawed logic on your part strikes again. you can not compare drug usage to murder or violent crime. Look at all the other countries that have some form of gun control and you see a significant reduction in crimes committed. Easiest one is England. All handguns are outlawed. Cops don't have to carry guns, don't wear body armor and are actually civil to you since they don't have to worry about being shot every second of their shift.
        Allowing guns allows all sorts of people to air their grievances or take out their frustration on someone. Less guns, less opportunities.

        • Edumucation

          Check your facts then, England gun crime is on another year of double-digit increase. Also check their pre-ban numbers, they were never high to begin with, they actually stick to their penalties for crime over there.

          I love how people though focus on the one thing that could surely be argued against but never educate themselves to the links provided which show the research from previous bans how it had 0 impact year over year.

          All the gun ban talk is now is deflection over the real issues this country faces… hey look over here, it took us 1.5 years to vote on fiscal cliff but look argue over guns.

          • lat297

            So what is the problem in the states then? Compare the 'Land of the Free' to any country in the EU and your crime rates are through the roof and your homicide rate is higher than the whole of the EU put together (503 million and counting).

            I love the USA, I really really do. I love your culture, your food and your people (we are after all of mostly the same stock and culture, us Brits). But I am completely baffled by these numbers!

            • Hunter

              It doesn't matter. It is a constitutional right for me to own a gun. I hunt every year for my limit of deer to put on the table for my family. I hit. With a now also. Just because there are idiots out there who use guns for the wrong reasons, why should I have to pay. Explain that to me please. I believe in ppl having to pay for their actions, not me or anybody else having to give up rights or hard earned money to either put them in jail so thy can have 3 free meals a day for the rest of their life.

              • Hunter

                Meant to say I hunt with a bow also….autocorrect 😦

              • Tokey the Bear

                do you use an assault rifle to hunt? IMO guns are fine if they have a purpose. assault rifles however have no civilian purpose.

                • Steve

                  Hunting has nothing to do with the right to bear arms; the primary reason is to defend against tyrany.

                  • Methos

                    Doesn't say that in the amendment. You might infer that from comments made by the founding fathers having just fought a war against England. The amendment says the right to bear arms is to ensure the existence of militias, which was the principle form of defense in the colonies prior to the creation of the continental army. And why can't we question the wisdom of using 18th century thinking to run 21st century reality?

            • Edumucation

              Lack of enforcement and penalties…. we have become a culture of "it's not my fault, I am a victim" Very rarely do people take responsibility for their actions. The "American Dream" has gotten too large that every feels they are entitled, take this over generations and economic diversity and low enforcement of laws and even less penalties and people just seem to do what they want.

              It will take some extreme measures to get things back in order, taking guns doesn't hurt the criminals though, sure maybe a few of the mass shootings but those are still minor in comparison to the daily shootings in low income diversified areas. Minor statistically mind you, they just don't receive the massive amount of media attention and government push.

              I don't think you Brits should be too jealous of us anymore… we have lost sight of our original goals and "land of the free" mentality (not many KCCO anymore). Then again all great civilizations rise and fall and we are still a young one and have much to learn and even more to learn from.

      • matt

        and yet drugs are illegal

    • techno_viking

      They took our jobs!

    • Telephone Man

      Put me at the bottom. At Virginia Tech, God rest their souls, students were lined up and shot. That was not with an automatic weapon. Only one or two should have died in that scenario…nobody ran or fought back? Knife or gun, you are responsible for your safety. In sparsely populated states, where deputies are based on population, it could take an hour for help to arrive. Learn how to defend yourself, even if that means hiding. I'm a gun owner, not a gun nut. One armed officer at Sandy Hook might very well have been the first one dead. I grieve for those families, I ask that everyone be reasonable. The photo is not necessarily of a right-wing wacko, just someone who wants the reader to take a different look at a real issue. Let's give him (or her) the benefit of the doubt.

      • jasgat66

        Although I respect the right for us to be armed.. We are burying a respected police office tomorrow in Riverside, CA…
        Needless to say.. I'm confused. I just don't get it. Not sure what I could say to his 10 year old boy and 4 year old daughter..

        • pHats


          Thank you

    • SEI

      Did you just steal a line from Eddie Izzard?

      • lat297

        Finally someone gets the reference 😉 That plucky Brit stood up in front of a crowd of thousands in California and said that. And he was cheered for it. That takes balls.

    • Guest

      12,000 of those are suicides, so your stats are flawed too.

      • lat297

        Actually over 20,000 are suicides… in the UK we had 155 gun deaths in the same period, over 100 of those were suicides. So basically, if you give people guns, about 2 thirds of them will be used by someone to kill themselves..

        Don't go to France though… they have over 1500 suicides using firearms and 134 homicides using firearms… either the French are all very sad or they point their guns the wrong way by mistake.

  • Carl

    #13 oh I get it. Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

    • spliggs

      Louis de Funes (the short one), French comic legend. RIP.

  • Takingbackcider

    #36 You're in Glee, you're not fooling anyone with that relationship…

    • turn left

      The photo was right…I dont care…

  • Nice

    #21, did the dude on the left steal his little sisters shorts before this event?

  • @lackofabetter

    #25 That is hilarious!!!!!

  • @Avfc4life

    #34 needs to be found

  • Tom

    #34 small exhaust port joke somewhere

    • Boo

      C'mon Tom. If you're going to comment, at least put in a little effort. See FiN's reply to boob_cuddler's comment for an example.

  • DDD

    #23 My main reason in not commiting many crimes i wish i could

  • Loki

    #34 red leader standing by.

  • MissChris

    #19 What a slutty bitch

    • KCooperCO

      Well done

  • FunKiller

    #34 Death Star…….what's she trying to tell me??

    • turn left

      Judging by the "rebuild stage" of the Death Star in the tattoo, I am guess that she is suggesting you are are going to need some furry midgets to help take down her shields…

      • FunKiller

        I can dress my hands up as Ewoks….again.

    • electric boogalo

      It's a trap!

      • FunKiller

        I think I'm willing to find out if it is or not…..I'm going in!!

      • Ralph The Avatar

        It's the Clap!

  • Ghettoblaster

    #4 Butte crack

  • KCooperCO

    #5 amen! #12 I laughed way too hard

    • @cynical_0ne

      "miss spel"????

  • jmonster

    #27 looks like a bunch of Smurfs just had a gang bang with this cutie

    • kcco-pgh

      Google "Smuckfest". My work here is done.

  • Ghettoblaster

    #4 Butte-crack

    • Ghettoblaster

      Aaaaaaaannnnnnndddddddd… double post. well done, me.

  • Jeff

    #27 oh my god, please find her

  • Kyle429

    #34 *Insert obligatory "That's no moon!" or "It's a trap!" joke here*

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