• waltgator

    #14 nice!

  • eehhhh

    so….who's this pregnant girl that ate Kate Upton?

  • TravB1027

    Dammit! I knew I should have went to art school!

  • Kiro

    Now, combine this post and that Ultra Ever Dry coating and we have a winner.

  • frozenhawaiian

    and now I can die happy

  • urajeerk

    she looks like shes had three kids and a ton of photoshopping… wait i know mothers of 3 who are waaaay better looking in a bikini! tjis girl is so out of shape. i gotta figure the only man who likes this is into piglets.

  • eballesq

    Pretty girl with nice boobs…but she's a tank. Not even 21 yet — that's not going to age well.

  • Alabaster Shagnasty

    Anybody who calls this lady fat is a fucking idiot. Women aren't supposed to be twigs people! More like this Chive!

  • DAK23

    So refreshing to see a woman with curves and not angles! She is gorgeous and has a beautiful body that I would enjoy wrecking.

  • Jahnny

    Great body, but-her face….

  • Mr. Upton

    Dearest Kate,
    You are my future wife. Sorry you had to find out like this.

    -your husband

  • wayneb

    Not hot. No muscle tone at all, a flat a$$, so-so face, and sagging gut. Most chiver gals look much hotter.

  • Oilfieldtrash76

    Kate Upton's fame is due to "skinny model guilt". If it wasn't PC for models to be skinny anymore she'd be working a cash register somewhere.

  • its_forge

    Unedited version of #8 please = )

  • Dan

    So many anonymous chive girls are hotter than she is.

  • thickbitches

    I remember college girls. The freshman 15 made them so easy. Can't wait to see what swim suit models look like in 5 years.

  • ......

    Man…everyone saying thats shes fat….are you people fucking blind. You guys are some delirious motherfuckers.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 – my goodness. aww, no camel toe.

  • Thomas Holdstock

    she look chubby

  • upupandaway

    I have a boner

  • Because BEWBS

    #5 #11 #14

    Ermahgherd, it's staring right at me.

  • lovin' kate

    so you say she won't age well…don't care, she would age well with me!!

  • Rofty


  • AndySaximus

    All these guys actin like they wouldn't LOL

  • Jared B

    Someone get her a sandwich you say… now its omg, she had too many… fuck you fellow chivers!!! Appreciate God's gift to you

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