• Alberta

    Nothing new.. Japan's been doing this shit in there forests for over 20 years

  • Canucks_Rule

    rally drivers have balls of steel. but the best drifters still come outta japan.

  • kelstr

    piece of shit sounds like my weed eater !!! seriously, be a man… get a truck.

  • hoonigan

    Buford it's actually an s13 with a 1jz from a supra, but yeah it's pretty wide with those overfenders. All the haters on here are hilarious, yeah I'm sure everyone is cut out to be a pro drifter behind their keyboard 😉 And ppl like Tuerck put stuff out like this for fun that is all, drifting is all about having fun and trying new things! Deadly vid, any mistakes and one of those trees would destroy that car. Well done.

    • Buford T

      Sorry I meant the road is only as wide as my living room which further highlights the driver's skill in keeping his car out of the woods while driving on the edge.

  • Adam

    To all the people who said the driving is average. Please upload a video of you doing better.

  • Eric Greenaway

    Great video. Upset that I spent the time though to read the comments of all the retards.

  • Matt

    Pfff not even close to takemi

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