Show of hands, who would take a job as a bridge inspector? (12 Photos)

These amazing photos are of bridge inspectors who spend a day at the office hundreds of feet above the Colorado River.


  • Nope

    Hmmm…looks good now GET ME THE FUCK OFF THIS BRIDGE

  • Boston Rugger

    Already one, it's an awesome job for an engineer

  • Mike Hunt

    i was thinking bikini bridge inspector maybe.

  • Trez

    Ummm —- False.

  • Ami

    The way down is awesome, but the way up…. well, No

  • LOL U Mad?


  • Andy R.

    I wouldn't mind the heights. I would mind the responsibility of saying whether or not a bridge is safe. Big obvious failures would be a no brainer, but if you deemed something safe and something happened, that's a lot on your shoulders.

  • yermon

    Pssst I rather work at MCD making $7 an hour than this kind of shit jobs like antana engineer or sewer maintenance.

  • Darren Bradley

    "build a 1000 bridges…you're not a bridge builder, but suck one…….you know the rest"


    I would love to do this!!!!

  • lulz00

    Zero fucks given

  • SD_Scott

    Very cool.

  • Prettyswellguy

    I would take ANY job right now.

  • waltgator

    that hoover dam bridge is gnarly!

  • ktard

    yep, you can fuck right off…i don't even like maxing my 26' scissorlift out

  • RGR275

    Only if it were the Pat Tillman bridge.

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