Some people’s awesomeness goes up to 11 (34 Photos)

  • echogeo

    I gotta get me one of those.

    • ImpressMe

      I have always wanted a stack of those in my car….like flash cards for asshole drivers….of course now if you actually do that someone may shoot you or drag you out of your car and beat your ass…so….

    • LukeSkywalker

      Write it in reverse and face forward.

  • echogeo

    Video or it never happened.

    • pron

      theres plenty of videos of sasha grey with many a manular ball in her mouth

    • Cpt Obvious

      There must be a zillion videos of her doing exactly that

      • Col Obvious

        Holding 4 tennis balls in her mouth at once? Or 4 the size of tennis balls? A zillion you say? Find one.

  • chiveon


    This week on celebrity BRAZZERS

    • FunKiller


  • crustybubblechunks

    #2 I'm pretty surprised there's no smoke billowing out

  • handers


    come at me bro!

    • Boo

      I like to think this is what Clint Eastwood's wife in Gran Torino was like when they sat on the porch together.

  • Carl

    #8 I have no legs

    • aww shit

      so push ups and pull ups are easier for you then

      • Carl

        How do you do a leg press with no legs? Smart ASS!

        • Idksn

          You put your stumps on the part you would put your feet and you push off the seat with your arms. Bam.

  • echogeo

    And who says size doesn't matter?

    • Timmy

      It even hangs slightly to the left…. impeccable.

  • Epitomizer

    #32 Make my day sonny.

  • echogeo

    Nice to see them being taken care of…

  • EST

    #12 Jewgle

  • David

    #32 pulls trigger, breaks shoulder, smile goes away.

  • true story

    #20 I would still stick in her filthy, whoreish mouth. The dog can watch but he has to pay extra-

    • tony

      Don't be rude to the Lady!!

  • Trent Martin

    Snoop can also do this

    • fob

      so can my butt 🙂

  • DannoTheManno88

    #13 Jammin!

  • CD3

    #13 luuuuuuke

  • AnItalianChiver

    #6 awesome baby is awesome

  • sfb101

    Need #31 and one written backwards so people can read it in their rear view mirror.

  • Wittry

    Great gallery. Thanks Alec.

  • SmokeyJane

    #9 San Diego!!

  • Texas

    #3 THE GENTLEMAN!!! How I Met your Mother.

    • Solu

      there's a lady edition of the same car in the city, she is painted in pink and they form a couple, usually the cars ar parked together

  • Deke

    #31 You make signs like a little bitch, grow a pair already

    • Joel

      Says the internet tough guy from behind the .anonymity of his keyboard

  • @JuanPaBackPack

    #31 please let's market this product!!!!

  • bigyawns

    mine goes to about a 4 😦

  • dave

    whats with the random pic of the hasidic dude? anti-semitic much?

    • ImpressMe

      He is wearing a particularly awesome kippah that deserves to be admired…. what is your problem dude?

  • baddbuzz

    #19 . . HUH, a tow truck would't pick up those two

    • McBeastie666

      on the other hand………….blowjob.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        and really I think they both look quite nice for a couple ladies on a casual outing, and they look friendly also. If only I came across such nice women and they were serious!

    • credible hulk

      A Chiver on the other hand…

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