• Atom819

    So hot



  • jmonster

    #13 what a hot skinny body she has there

  • http://www.thechive.com xBigBossx

    #13 Gorgeous in those jeans!

  • peterdakine

    #25 is the best pic

  • Kyle429

    She's a little too skinny for my taste. I don't mind fit women, but there's a difference between fit and just plain skinny/borderline anorexic. When you can clearly see the rib cage/hip bones through the skin (examples: #14, #20, and #21), that is a total turn off for me. Call me a chubby chaser, but you would be sadly mistaken. I like thick, meat-on-their-bones women. Not toothpicks, but not fat asses either.

    She does have a pretty dang good ass, though, #17.

  • Gir

    She's a beautiful girl, but her weight is disconcerting…

  • DannoTheManno88

    #10 Stop it…I'm trying to work. Eh who am I kidding? *fap fap fap fap fap

  • @angryprof13

    I'd sat between her and Kate Upton we've got everyones "interests" covered.

    • @angryprof13

      say* for all those grammar nazis out there

  • Cebs

    She's practically begging for my seed!

  • 804Hokie

    #1 #4 #8 #13
    Victoria's Secret has nothing on the women of The Chive!

  • George

    yeah she's hot – but can you say "I'm totally full of myself" much more than this? It's so much more attractive when they don't think they are all that and then some…..

  • baddbuzz

    We need MOAR ashleys in the gene pool . . #31

  • JGrand

    Prettiest girl ever!

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #17 Wow!!!! Amazing!!! Just followed her on Twitter. Need a stream of photos from her!!!

  • trucks

    i bet there isn't a chance in hell that she's down to earth. she's most definitely one of those girls who knows she's super hot and is "above" everyone else.

  • 3 fan

    #13 big nipples!

  • TheFrontier

    #6 I shop at the wrong grocery stores…

  • sam

    absolute perfection

  • http://twitter.com/SoCalChiver @SoCalChiver

    #7 & #13 are just amazing…congrats on the post Ashley

  • Fred from Austin, TX

    Just think how much hotter she would be if she had real Ta-ta's….

  • LoyalLAChiver

    #1 draft pick on all of the Chive.

  • Huell

    #24 Hot, no doubt.. But she needs to eat a sammich. She almost disappears when she turns to her side.

  • keef

    Meh… I would but…meh needs a cheeseburger

  • advnturetime101

    A little too skinny as seen in #24, but definitely a new girl crush!:)

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