Take a walk with Ashley Sky (31 Photos)

Chivette Ashley Sky keeps such an amazing Twitter and Tumblr, she's back for an encore. Keep the photos coming, Ashley!

Say hi to Ashley on her Twitter Machine.

Ashley’s Twitter Machine.

  • Vroom

    #14 this isn't news to anyone but this is one bad lady!

  • dbcooper

    #12 Drink til I look pretty Ashley!

  • freezer boy

    #1 Ashley, you are one amazingly tight little smokin piece of hot ass, you little Dick tease.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 – thanks for sharing.

  • WmShip

    I would give up Ice Cream FOREVER for the opportunity to eat her butt.
    Jus sayin. Oh, and #31

  • rgh

    She is curvy in all the right places. High five to Miss Sky and her parents.

    • Ditch

      And the surgical team

  • charlie sheen

    Yuck, somebody give that girl a cheeseburger or 50.

  • Don

    Too bad her boobs are obnoxiously fake…

  • Daddy issues


  • Rick

    #13 definitely one of the hottest ladies I've ever seen!

  • johnmcclane

    Sandwich schmandwich. BOING!!!

  • onoku

    Can she just post a video of her dillying her dally already? This post is going to give me blue balls.

  • Spako

    My girlfriend wants me to tell you that you're a skinny ugly fame whore

  • Bustanut

    I'd bet I could wipe that stupid expression off her face if I came on it

  • Thad

    Seriously? This girl is insanely gorgeous

  • mr mike

    #2 nice and natural

    • JUtah

      Chicks had more work done than Steve Austin

  • Hybrid

    very attractive. 🙂

  • Max

    I bet she can't do a pushup.

  • MC_Creeper


  • jholmes

    also known as "sword case" on thedirty.com "sword case" is a term used do display her itg. it was made by god for Excalibur. somewhere to put your sword…. perfect itg

  • JUtah

    Sword Case

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