• Vroom

    #14 this isn't news to anyone but this is one bad lady!

  • dbcooper

    #12 Drink til I look pretty Ashley!

  • freezer boy

    #1 Ashley, you are one amazingly tight little smokin piece of hot ass, you little Dick tease.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 – thanks for sharing.

  • WmShip

    I would give up Ice Cream FOREVER for the opportunity to eat her butt.
    Jus sayin. Oh, and #31

  • rgh

    She is curvy in all the right places. High five to Miss Sky and her parents.

    • Ditch

      And the surgical team

  • charlie sheen

    Yuck, somebody give that girl a cheeseburger or 50.

  • Don

    Too bad her boobs are obnoxiously fake…

  • Daddy issues


  • Rick

    #13 definitely one of the hottest ladies I've ever seen!

  • johnmcclane

    Sandwich schmandwich. BOING!!!

  • onoku

    Can she just post a video of her dillying her dally already? This post is going to give me blue balls.

  • Spako

    My girlfriend wants me to tell you that you're a skinny ugly fame whore

  • Bustanut

    I'd bet I could wipe that stupid expression off her face if I came on it

  • Thad

    Seriously? This girl is insanely gorgeous

  • mr mike

    #2 nice and natural

    • JUtah

      Chicks had more work done than Steve Austin

  • Hybrid

    very attractive.:)

  • Max

    I bet she can't do a pushup.

  • MC_Creeper


  • jholmes

    also known as "sword case" on thedirty.com "sword case" is a term used do display her itg. it was made by god for Excalibur. somewhere to put your sword…. perfect itg

  • JUtah

    Sword Case

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