theCHIVE announces the Official Atlanta Meetup!

atlanta yep theCHIVE announces the Official Atlanta Meetup!

After seeing all the amazing unoffical Chive meetups y’all are throwing in Atlanta, our ATL Chivers have definitely earned the next Official Chive Meetup.

It’s all going down next Friday, February 22nd at the Lost Dog Tavern.

Tickets will be available this Friday, Feb. 15th at 1pm EST. We know some of the unofficial meetups have brought out hundreds of Chivers so these tickets will go fast! As usual, the cost of your ticket will pay for beer, booze, and debauchery. These meetups are about Chivers getting together to raise a glass, we don’t make a dime.

Feel free to suggest the next meetup city in the comments!

See you next Friday, Atlanta!

  • Sean

    John & Leo,
    When are you coming to Australia? A brief list as to why you should follows;
    1) Its only 14Hrs direct to Sydney from LAX and they serve alcohol on the planes.
    2) Australia has some of the best pubs in the world.
    3) Every second animal or insect can kill you, so the sense of achievement going home safely is huge!
    4) We have a huge Chive Community here in Sydney.
    5) TheChive is worldwide, as per the Chive Everywhere posts, so bring the love 13,000km Gents.
    6) Australian women are the finest looking women on the planet and can generally out drink you.
    7) Michelle Jenneke lives here.
    8) Mac, I'm pretty sure Michelle Jenneke has friends too!

    Please think about it, you know you'd have a great time….

  • Kylie

    How about Reno 😛 We're located in the middle of no where California with that being the closest city.

  • B-to-the-H

    Sweet! I'm so there!

  • cliff

    toronto, canada!!!

  • Dustin

    Washington DC

  • Swarby


  • Pretty_ink

    stay in GA an extra day and spend Saturday in Savannah! you can bar hop with your beer in a plastic cup!

  • Alex


  • Knotty

    What about a CDN Chive meet up! Calgary would love to host!

  • DriveBy

    Another meatup. Sounds like a gay time. Have fun chivers.

  • Erik Blomberg


  • Wil

    Sacramento please

  • Jason

    Come on Charlotte, NC

  • Ant

    Make it Boston

  • Miles D

    Grand Rapids or Grand Haven Michigan in the summer. Nothing helps you keep calm like Lake Michigan. KCCO

  • Miller

    Finally, see you fools there

  • Canucks_Rule

    chive, first canada meetup in vancouver!!

  • Justin


  • Mekrob821

    Defiantly Denver. I mean we did come in second place last year during the meetup vote in august.

    • unorthodoxjane

      Yes, yes we did 😉

  • Steven

    Of course!!! The one weekend that i cant leave school!!!

  • Dbo

    There is no party like a west coast party! Make it in Portland, OR

  • nick luciano

    Dayton Ohio!!

  • josh


  • shane

    Toronto! Us Canadians have been drinking a lot in preperation

  • Topher

    Gotta come back to NYC!

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