• bradk


  • non, a

    psssh not gonna tell you…

  • janco

    Edison was a douchebag! He stole every idea he ever had so he wasn't an inventor.

    • Salt

      Tesla FTW!

    • Mikey D

      Yeah, I was hopeful for an uplifting video, then I saw him call Edison an inventor and I had to turn it off.

  • Clarkson

    Post a video about inventors…..not a single mention about motherfucking Tesla

    • Léon Theremin

      dude don't be a hipster dooshbag just because you saw some documentary about Tesla — there are thousands of great inventors out there that don't get as much press as edison.

  • 104

    I would invent a poop gun. Just think of the fun/riot control/ constipation relief you could have with one!

  • Epitomizer

    I want to invent a comment filter and sell it to intense debate to keep total douche nozzles from posting on the chive. Put that bulllshit on reddit mother fucker.

    P.S. Not talking about this video or anyone on this thread. Just venting. KCCO

    • Mike

      look, if they can't comment "first" the terrorists win.

  • Canucks_Rule

    wish i had invented toilet paper.

    • DaveOnWheels

      Figures, since your favorite team is full of ass wipes.

  • Diamond

    I think we need to mention Jonas Salk who invented the vaccine for Polio and in a selfless move gave it away to the world to better mankind not line his pockets.

    Tesla gave up his Patents to better Mankind and save Westinghouse's company. Where as Edison and JP Morgan used questionable business practices to get there hands on Tesla's inventions. Edison and his partner JP Morgan were not in it for anything except profit. As you can see GE who oddly enough made that video is still around today.

  • Butters Bottom Bitch

    All these hipster boner comments about tesla and your typewriter, and not one person mentions this 9$ cardboard bike! What is this witchcraft and where do I by 10 of them to start a cardboard bike gang?

  • Andyrew711

    As soon as the T-Shirt contest comes back, we'll all be happy chivers. (patiently playing the waiting game, Chive)

  • Eder

    I need me one those mutha fuckin pee poo bags!!

  • http://whatteachersthink.tumblr.com Teacher

    How did Ze Frank not get any credit for this video?!

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