Hot Right Now: Definitive survey breaks down Sex in the great outdoors (9 Photos)

Black is Beautiful (34 Photos)

  • bradlygrey

    #32 you wear it well!

  • 5.0



  • dig


  • Mike

    Bet there loud at the movies!

  • Big Mike

    Bet There REALLY LOUD at the movies!!!

  • Keith_D

    #16, #21 and #29- Gorgeous!

  • fun_in_fla

    Damn Chive, that's a beautiful selection of ladies…especially #16….thanks

  • black superman

    #23 Serera Williams is that you? love you girl

  • Wes

    If you don't like black chicks, then don't look at them and shut the fuck up. Nobody comes on every other Chivette post and says stupid shit about how they never feature beautiful colored women.

  • JUtah

    #5 #12

    Hall of fame lips

  • APhoenix

    This gallery needs to happen weekly … beautiful women.

  • OhioChiver

    #28 Sooo kissable.
    #31 Dayuuuuum

  • wrot

    you say that….but then there is

  • freezer boy

    #4,#5,#14,#21 black women are beautiful.

  • Guest

    You sir, are a Grade A Jerk.

  • Parthenon23

    Black guys need to stop trolling on here. These women are all beautiful.

  • Malta Kano

    These types of galleries always seem to bring out the absolute worst in some people, perhaps their true colors. Misery loves company, and Ignorance loves an audience.

  • Jim

    Man, I just love these posts. I really appreciate all the lovely ladies that send in their photos. I can not wait until the next post.

  • Sirwally

    About gat damn time for some black azz.

  • Sean

    #4, #21, #24 Sweet lord Baby Jesus

  • ReezyDeezy

    #4 MOAR please. Black is Truly Beautiful.

  • Lucas

    #18 is beautiful!!

  • Zaedrus

    #7 can totally have me.

  • soggy cereal

    #23 dat ass #27 porn star

  • CW Dana

    #21 so beautiful, so sexy. Not supposed to look that good.

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