Black is Beautiful (34 Photos)

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  • Reina

    I am saddened by these comments. Next time I hear chive is awesome or an awesome community I'm going to say bullshit. Chive just stop making this post or include them with the others because 90 percent of the comments in here are racist or downing black women as a whole.

  • JustTrollin


  • JJD

    If you don't have anything nice to say/write/type then don't say/write/type anything at all!!! These women are all gorgeous!

  • Kevin

    The fact that all there are nothing but racist comments about black women on here makes me love them even more. They are constantly degraded but yet they are strong and they could care less. They have more confidence in themselves and rarely have self esteem issues.

  • Kevin

    Black women have so much confidence . I love them! Gorgeous ladies

  • Luke

    As a white guy that's dated black and white women I prefer black women . Not only because they are beautiful but the ones I have dated were confident , they didn't judge other people like the white girls I've dated . They were less clingy and instead of me paying for everything we would switch off and pay or they would prefer to pay for themselves . Independent classy women .

  • thetech2

    all so very very beautiful

  • bradlygrey

    #32 you wear it well!

  • 5.0



  • dig


  • Mike

    Bet there loud at the movies!

  • Big Mike

    Bet There REALLY LOUD at the movies!!!

  • Keith_D

    #16, #21 and #29- Gorgeous!

  • fun_in_fla

    Damn Chive, that's a beautiful selection of ladies…especially #16….thanks

  • black superman

    #23 Serera Williams is that you? love you girl

  • Wes

    If you don't like black chicks, then don't look at them and shut the fuck up. Nobody comes on every other Chivette post and says stupid shit about how they never feature beautiful colored women.

  • JUtah

    #5 #12

    Hall of fame lips

  • KCCOrazorback

    i Chive everyday and i find it racist that you have to say Black is Beautiful ?? all women are Beautiful if y'all put White is Beautiful you would be a racist !! I chive everyday and spread the Chive love everyday this kinda offends me just saying

  • APhoenix

    This gallery needs to happen weekly … beautiful women.

  • OhioChiver

    #28 Sooo kissable.
    #31 Dayuuuuum

  • wrot

    you say that….but then there is

  • freezer boy

    #4,#5,#14,#21 black women are beautiful.

  • Guest

    You sir, are a Grade A Jerk.

  • Parthenon23

    Black guys need to stop trolling on here. These women are all beautiful.

  • Malta Kano

    These types of galleries always seem to bring out the absolute worst in some people, perhaps their true colors. Misery loves company, and Ignorance loves an audience.

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