Black is Beautiful (34 Photos)

  • charlie sheen

    All gorgeous.

  • blake

    Chive is still doing the segregation thing I see. I feel sorry for these girls. They are neatly tucked away in a little monthly post and subject to rude comments. How far has America really come? And then people want to get rid of affirmative action.

  • Sieggelwald

    #18 Pretty… pretty cool.

  • Sal

    #6 and #12 please, can anyone tell me their names?

  • Trini

    Damnnnnn….. is it just me or is #3 a really thin version of Jordan Sparks!
    She is soooo Freaking Hot!!! All day and every day!

  • chad

    what color is she then. That is not a tan. You can tell what a tan is and that is not one.

  • cjay

    #18 #24 #25 #27 very stunning women.
    #31…Oh my… nice.

  • Bob

    These are not hot…

  • dbcooper

    #18 #5 Yum!!!

  • Jorrrrrn


    Only a few seem to love her as much as I do?..

    Don't worry, my little chocolate princess. I will take care of you. At least twice a day.

    Oh, and MOAR PLZ

  • craft

    #22, just outstanding.

  • Myk

    #7 is gorgeous!!

  • viaczeslav

    black is beautiful?
    NO! ITS NOT!

  • JUtah


  • Isaac

    Well, it's about time!!!! The only thing this site has been lacking is dark chocolate! Thanks for making my day! Look forward to seeing more!

  • oilfieldbill

    For the love of god i would take anyone of them xoxoxo

  • Jules_23

    #3 #5 #25 are smoke shows

  • fabio


  • JohnnyLaw

    Mmm all beautiful but #19 something to behold! Wow. I'm dating a gorgeous black woman and I'm pretty sure I'll never go back 🙂 much love to the sistas who chive on…keep it coming!

  • santauz


  • Hybrid

    love this post, they're all beautiful.

  • CincyGuy

    #19 #24 #25 oh, and #31, you stay right like that, I'm on my way over!!!!!!!

  • John Wayne

    Racism in the comments? There's plenty of other sites for you to look at!

  • Adam

    Mmm mmm mmm , #10 & #21 are so fine

  • freezer boy

    #28 very pretty

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