Bro, do you even…nevermind (33 Photos)

This isn’t natural. I’m sorry in advance.

  • Mr. Pink

    Real men have chest hair

    • LuckyLady

      Totally agree, Mr. Pink! This post just made my chubby boyfriend a whole lot sexier!!!

    • Epitomizer

      What about a little back hair?

    • dude

      Kill them all with fire like… Yesterday!!

  • Allison

    can’t be un-seen

    • wtf

      You're right about that.

      I've always wondered what happened if a person shoved an air hose up their ass and turned it on. Now I know…

  • crustybubblechunks

    Oh god, it's so disgusting…and veiny

    • Bahahaaa

      That's what she said!

    • shadydiesel

      Perfect execution of a movie quote!

  • echogeo

    They're laughing AT you, not with you.

    • safsddfsasdfsdf




    • prison_mike

      this makes shooting up much easier, no more missed veins

      • The devil

        Shooting what up?
        Heroin, not likely with that body
        Steroids, goes into the muscle, not veins

    • gnocco

      cartoon Bane's veins… could shoot a toy car of junk in there…. gnarly…

    • annon

      Frank Mark McGrath. one of the nicest body builders around. Has forearms the size of legs. Also is a Chiver!

    • PUNisher

      Anyone who works out this much must be extremely vein.

    • Peter de Vries

      It's Madonna

    • BMOC

      i was seriously thinking the same thing lol

  • tv_paul

    #25 Now if only I still had a functioning penis & testicles that weren't raisins…

    • ps86

      i suddenly feel a lot better about my life

    • Urethra Franklin

      He looks like a balloon animal

    • sean

      idk about you, but where i come from raisins dont get the size of tennis balls. just saying…

      • phil


    • Hutch

      Trey Brewer, this photo is shopped as hell but that guy is disgustingly huge too

    • Livin' Legend

      He's the POWER THIRST spokesman. He drinks POWER THIRST and had FOUR HUNDRED BABIES.

      • The_Dood

        Too bad they got deported to Kenya…

    • Berty

      I love how some of you think this photo isn't shopped.

  • Seldi84

    #1. How the hell does that steroid freak move? He'd topple over like a damn weeble wobble

    • jpan

      Weeble wobbles don't fall down

    • tv_paul

      He can't, his pecs are filled with helium.

    • Pfizzle

      He's juicing, and he's obviously got implants.

      Yes folks, these douchebags get bicep and pec implants…it's out there.

    • hdle

      Saline injections…not muscle.

    • Bud

      Guys, almost every one of these are photo shopped. Especially this one. The only ones that aren't are 4, 6, 7 and 8 are all the same guy and he has these stupid injections (so does 21). Also, 12, 14, 29 and 30 are the only ones with real muscle. It's possible that the pic of the guys arm is real too.

      • Danica SmashYA

        if you put a # in front of the number, it will show the picture, and we wont have to guess which one your referring to

        • Bud

          I know… I didn't want to fill up the whole post with pics. Thanks though.

          • Bane

            "Thanks though." you're a d-bag. I know it might seem weird, but most of us don't take the time to check out these dudes/bodybuilders on a regular basis to see who's real and who's not. If it weren't for the chive, I would have never seen a person like this, other than the 2 tap-out phags that go to my gym. Let me guess, you watch UFC, you know muay-thai and jujitsu, and you get into fights at the bar. And you own an Affliction shirt.

            • "bane"lol

              So that makes you that awkward skinny dude that never goes to the gym or exercises because "its for dbags" but secretly wish you would stop being a pussy and actually go to the gym?

            • saiyan

              the pics are there for us to see, the comment section is there for us to comment and maybe even critique the people in the pictures. Some of these guys use or used synthol, some didnt, nevertheless i agree with u, they look like shit.

            • Courtesy Flush

              Your name is Bane, you have no say.

    • Brenny_chop

      This actually does look totally shopped but this lad is pumped full of stuff called synthol, Its a joke and is totally obvious by the way it makes the muscles rounded (and also pretty dangerous). The amount of fools that do it is disgusting, they look like baloon animals

    • AndySaximus

      You ain't no weeble wobble!!

  • Dave

    Who's encouraging these people?

  • Alex

    I feel a lot better about my average ness

  • sfb101

    I can't touch my pee-pee…

    • devadander

      That's ok…it won't work anyway.

  • echogeo

    One of those things so repulsive, yet you still can't stop looking.

    • Amber

      LOOK AT HIS LEGS! Their bigger than a bushel of bananas!!

      • Spelling Police

        *they're – as in "they are bigger than." Stay in school.

        • Amber

          Awe damn… you caught one of my rare mistakes. Forgive? I still think his legs look exactly like a huge bushel of bananas…

    • cleojones

      his pee pee is missing

    • Bane

      this reminds me of "Planet Terror" when Bruce Willis runs out of the gas.

    • BrownGirl

      He looks like a balloon animal

    • Groggy


      • Fortune Teller

        Because he farted, and it inflated another muscle.

    • diamond dave

      He looks like the the guy who wrestled Bugs Bunny. The Crusher.

  • Mr. White

    when i grow up i want to be a bubble too

  • Mike D

    DB…One and all! First!!

  • Whit.


    His legs look like raw chickens….

    • prison_mike

      or balls and a dick upside down

      • That_hal

        I used to lift with this guy… Looks even crazier in person!

  • calvin

    how many of these are photoshopped and how many are implants?

    • Joe

      About 60% are shopped and most of the remaining are of people using synthoil injections. There are 3-4 actual photos of bodybuilders in these.

      • Sam

        You should be ashamed that you know the answer to that question.

        • Guest

          Dumb thing to say…

          • J Man

            Kai Green and a couple of the Markus Ruhl shots are real. Also the older bodybuilder with the 80's shorts. Joe is right. The over the top ones are shopped and all the orbish soft guys are using synthol oil injections. Not real muscle.

  • ThunderKCCO

    how the fuck can they even reach to wipe their own ass?? the fuck man.. i fully support people working out and getting ripped, but thats beyond rational

    • LloydXmas

      Honestly…. I think men who think this looks good and is cool and is "normal" have mental health issues. Really, I'm serious. They need help.

      • Captain Canuck

        It's like anorexia, but in reverse…and for men.

      • Moragami

        I blame He-Man!

  • 1_eye

    What about my testicles? Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.

  • DannoTheManno88


  • Jan

    this can't be true. someone tell me this is photoshopped

  • gross

    is this even real???

  • Speaks

    Chive I've come to expect better… And normally I would let something like this slide but seeing as how it follows an incredibly poor post of magnified food I just can't.

    Please get back to your best.

    • ATi

      Yeah! Let's get back to showcasing vapid whores with bolt on tits, lip injections, fake tans and eating disorders in tiny bathing suits! None of this male version shit.

      • GlibTongue

        ^ This = awesome.

    • Chilled

      You don't like the title don't go into the gallery! Seems simple enough, right?

  • Noidios

    Why aren't there pictures of Beyonce flexing here?

  • fng

    #33 seems like the only preportion correct out of all those pictures. Hulk rules

    • Pfizzle

      And smash.

    • BallzMcGee

      Jaromir Jagr is looking good for being 40!

      • BallzMcGee4Prez

        Best comment of them all!! Hilarious because its so true! His face looks exactly like Jagr..haha!

  • Tatts

    #25 Lance Armstrong next month.

    • uncanny

      That totally looks like Lance…

  • Macro

    Why post a gallery on almost entirely photoshopped pics? Only a handful are real shots, the rest are synthol and horrible image alterations. I know because I've worked with most of these guys pictured.

    • Deke

      Cool story Bro

    • Duke Silver

      Thank you, At least one guy here knows what hes talking about. Theres like 3 real pictures, Kai Greene, Branch Warren and Dennis Wolfe are all legit dudes. 90% of these are just photoshopped, implants or fucking synthol. I am disappointed in this post chive. Kai Greene is a extremely nice dude with amazing philosophical views and very knowledgeable.

      • FrankJ

        Exactly. Why the fuck is this on The Chive? Several galleries here make me question what's going on here.

      • Craigery

        I'm surprised anyone would admit to knowing who any of these people are. That's like seeing a crack whore on the corner and being like "Hey guys, I know her! That's Diamond! She's really smart and talented!"

        • Macro

          Because they're pretty awesome guys, that's why. I worked in the industry for years, and I was at some of the photoshoots where these photos were taken. You'd think these guys would be freaks or a-holes in real life but they're some of the coolest guys you could ever meet. Down to earth, appreciate their fans, hilarious senses of humour.

        • Sean

          Come on Craigery, don't you know the greatest philosopher of our time, Kai Green? I thought he was a household name. He apparently combines the two most worthless activities I can think of, philosophy and picking things up.

          • Eric

            U jelly weaktits?

            • Sean

              Yes I am jelly I can wipe my ass and find my nuts everyday. So jelly my life doesn't revolve around supplments, 4 hours in a gym everyday, and trying to prove my adequacy as a man by getting as big as possible yet feeling small when I look in the mirror.

      • bodybuildingchivette

        I love Kai

    • Sean

      Please tell us you aren't the guy that has to wipe their ass because they are too roided out to reach!?

    • andrewlk

      Came her to say this. This belittling the legitimate sport of bodybuilding. There are people who work their asses off and might not look like normal humans but it is legitimately earned, roids or not. Then there are people who choose to psychotically and artifically blow up their muscles. Not the same people. please don't contribute to the misinformation about the sport by mixing in these three groups with photos that are just clearly photoshopped. Give people a realistic idea about what humans are capable of

      • Teacher

        "There are people who work their asses off and might not look like normal humans but it is legitimately earned, roids or not."

        Did you think about this post before you typed it?

    • Justino


    • your mom

      wow, you guys have no idea what you're talking about. no, i would be willing to bet you haven't. most of these are NOT photoshopped. most are real. there are a few photoshopped (4-6) stfu guys and stop commented about stuff that you have no clue wtf you are talking about

    • your mom

      wow, you guys have no idea what you're talking about. no, i would be willing to bet you haven't. most of these are NOT photoshopped. most are real. there are a few photoshopped (6-8) and no im not including the last 2. stfu guys and stop commented about stuff that you have no clue wtf you are talking about

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