Bro, do you even…nevermind (33 Photos)

This isn’t natural. I’m sorry in advance.

  • bieberhole69

    I bet they can't wipe their own ass

  • THErealWAVE

    this is nothing short of scary… this whole post just changed my upbeat mood

  • DJ Davis

    Haha #13

    Normal head, roid-filled body

  • Guest


    Busta Rhymes got HUGE!

    • bmoney

      The only pic that looks halfway normal..

    • guest

      That's kai greene. He's the real deal.

  • bigyawns

    1 through 33
    sorry about your dick bro

  • Sean

    And not a single nut was seen that day

  • BobbaFett


  • Ms.T

    I would rather be a flabby mess than to look any of these guys. Yuck and more yuck!

  • Kevin

    I just can't imagine most of these are real. How ridiculous.

  • @maxxxxpowerful

    Some of these guys look like they'll be having some FLBM some day…

  • Jimmy

    I feel as if not a single one of those was even close to real

  • Oh Hai

    They said I can be anything. So I became a balloon animal.

  • clenis

    #5 his biceps have biceps.

  • Dork

    Proof that men can suffer from eating disorders too.

  • JAFitC

    Thanks for your input, Dr. Roid.

  • ttt

    Kai Mother Fucken Greene

    • daniel vergara

      those guys who look like baloons they are not bodybuilders!!! their just some turds who want attention so they do what ever they can so people can look at them, but men like kai greene here he is a true bodybuilder, and he has worked hard for that body, im not saying you have to like bodybuilding im just saying if you dont know the sport and have ever tryed it then don talk shit about it, just talk shit about the guys who look like dumbasses with massive fake arms.

  • jim thorton

    sorry about your penis, bro.
    is so juiced he has a vagina!

  • ImpressMe

    The photoshop olympics…….. this is why wrestling was booted… #24 #25

  • Masschine

    I'm sure of the following.
    Photoshopped – 1, 9, 15, 16, 18, 19, 22, 24, 25, 32(well duh)
    Synthol – oil injected into the muscle to make them look bigger – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28

  • Koby Furbish

    You gotta have muscles on your muscles, you gotta have muscles ON YOUR EYE BALLS! O_O

  • Michael

    #2 I don't even know what I'm looking at with this one.

  • Ben

    29. Kai Greene is the MAN!!!!

  • John

    #9 is looking for his nuts

  • john m

    I often wonder with all that muscle mass how they reach their ass to wipe it.

  • Jonathan

    #23 – low body fat != 'roided up'. There's actually some non-injected commitment there.

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