Bro, do you even…nevermind (33 Photos)

This isn’t natural. I’m sorry in advance.

  • Alex

    #16 that motherfucker almost looks like The Abomination from the '08 Hulk movie

  • thejeans

    #11, #12, #14, #21 #29, #30 are real,

    for reference 12 Dennis Wolf, 14 Branch Warren and 29 Kai Greene are three of the biggest body builders around, so any pic that is substantially larger than him is bogus and photoshopped

    21 is Greg Valentino AKA the man whose bicep exploded…

    im willing to bet the rest are photoshopped or fake haha

  • BWaecker


  • James

    A little bit of steroides anyone?

  • chivette

    i almost turned into a lesbian looking at this album……eww

  • Fazool

    I pick things up and put them down.

  • SEA253

    So Douchey !! These roid heads are just compensating for the micro penis in there man-kinis

  • Tweeter

    #18 I think his nipple popped…

    • thejeans

      look at the shadow in the background, thats a dead giveaway that his body has been photoshopped

  • moses

    To think they have moms that love them

  • pervert

    #15 nobody steps on a church in my town!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 #15 – wtf?

    #23 – now that's just sexy.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #2 almost made me throw up. It reminded me of your mother.

  • Lou ferigno

    Wipe your ass and hold this whopper with your small looking hands

  • zgl

    #25 – stuffs his banana hammock.

  • Rip The Jacker

    #29 Kai Greene! Mr. Olympia 2013!

  • Kiri

    So with these tiny t-Rex arms… Who wipes their asses???

  • synthol bodyfailing

    you guys should google "synthol"

  • George

    This should have been titled "guys that will never have sex again" 🙂

  • Prettyswellguy

    Steroids and Cynthol are a dangerous combination.
    Injecting Cynthol directly into the muscle to "fill it" is what guy number one did. the rest of these meat heads are roid junkies and other illegal substance junkies.

  • dr313

    small penises

  • Natural Lifter

    Steroids and HGH are one thing. Cheating, but at least the person lifts heavy weights. But these synthol morons…They look like shit, can't lift shit, and can't even hang with those of us that truly lift naturally.

  • Lac2501

    #15 bet he can't even put his arms down

  • TucsonPhil

    I really wish these were photoshopped.

  • Ben

    29. Kai Greene is the MAN!!!!

  • kathy

    I have given birth to two children, Im betting they have more stretch marks than I do.

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