Bro, do you even…nevermind (33 Photos)

This isn’t natural. I’m sorry in advance.

  • aaron

    chive come on… half of these are fake

  • Visitohr

    #9 #18 (shopped)
    Markus Ruhl!
    Roided like all pro BB's but still real. This man is a beast. Fun guy in daily life as well.

    Here he is (competing with Mr Olympia Cutler)

  • M00seKnucklez

    No Ronnie Coleman!? Wtf.

  • salmon

    Some of that is shopped, some is synthol, some is real….

  • mike

    my forearm has looked like this since i hit puberty… and found out about porn

  • Brent

    Branch warren , kai greene, markus ruhl and dennis wolf are the only real pctures here, the others are clearlyyy photoshopped and or pumped waaay to much with steroids

  • rifix

    Okay, you won, you have all the muscles! Stop!

  • Bob

    #17 they all have tiny dicks lol

  • Cupajo54

    Hey, what happened to the tabs to get to the next or previous post? Do I have to keep going back to the Chive at the top and scroll down through them all now? That's not too Cool….

  • Keith_D

    "Our mothers said we could be anything we wanted, so we became horribly disfigured and disgusting"

    And holy shit, #25 is the Power Thirst guy…

  • kristof

    probably only about a total cock length of 1" combined between them all!

  • StrongAsMeat

    #23 You might want to see a doctor.

  • Jesse

    None of these guys can wipe themselves.

  • Gould


  • john

    obviously most of these are fave, but whats funny is i know #19 personally, thats Kenny "Flex" Wheeler…this guy used to drive a gold suzuki samurai years ago, people would laugh until he crawled out of that thing, he was a monster!…

  • ghostwriter

    Nice muscles…. sorry about your small d!ck

  • ryaN


  • Dick Large

    Jesus Christ that's gross.

  • Dailin

    Their muscles have muscles. Wtf.

  • Xxx

    That is the sickest f***ing thing I've ever seen these guys are absolute jokes

  • Scott

    #16 reminds me of the Crusher from Bugs Bunny cartoon.

  • Alabaster Shagnasty

    Lift all you want, but the penis isn't a muscle. It won't get any bigger!

  • Bob

    I got through number 3 before skipping to the comments, writing this, and jamming a pencil into my brain.

  • stomachpunchoomf

    This was on Caveman Circus yesterday…even the title is nearly ripped off…

  • stfn

    #1 balloon tits

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